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Naturally cured and raised here in Omaha, our shoulder bacon has natural flavors in abundance. Order your cottage bacon online now from Barreras Family Farm. No chemicals. Simply sea salt and herbs leave the great tasting natural pork flavor and all the health benefits. That's why you should order our Omaha-raised cottage shoulder bacon packed with natural flavor online today!

Ingredients: Barreras Family Farm Pastured Pork, sea salt, natural flavors from citrus fruit extracts, honey.

*Cottage Bacon or Shoulder Bacon is cut from the shoulder and is leaner in fat content.

*Regular Bacon is cut from the belly and is heavier in fat content.

*Bacon Ends are the thick & irregular cuts of the bacon and have the most flavor.

Pasture-raised pork at its finest makes the best shoulder bacon in Omaha! Berkshire pork raised in our pastures on legumes and grasses. We supplement their diet with a mash grower feed and have found this extra source of protein to give "just enough" fat to the bacon. Our pastures are never sprayed with chemicals or fertilizers. No antibiotics and no hormones. Able to forage the way God intended and lovingly cared for from birth to plate. Reach out to Barreras Family Farm to order our premium Omaha cottage shoulder bacon with natural flavor online today!