Our Story

The Beginning

We are often asked how we came up with our logo, specifically what the significance of the Bear is. Most connect the Bear with Barreras, which undoubtedly fits the bill and is easy to associate the image of the Bear with our family name. But for us the Bear has a deeper meaning, tracing back to the very beginning of what is now the Barreras Family Farm.

Mariel and I met in Fairbanks, Alaska where much of our free time was filled with fishing, riding ATVs, and hunting, especially for spring Black Bear. Yes, our very first official dates were spent hunting spring Black Bear surrounded by mosquitos the size of birds, plenty of bear around the bait station, and on occasion a surprise bear standing right next to our ATVs. That is a story you will need to ask Mariel about during your visit.

It was during these early adventures we learned about each other’s dreams. One of our shared dreams was to have a big family. With six wonderful boys and a beautiful princess I think we have fulfilled this dream. The second was a place to leave a lasting legacy for our children, a place to share our joys and experiences with the community around us. We are creating a farm where families and children can fulfill their dreams of living a farm life if for only an afternoon. The Bear represents the beginning of our family, our farm, and the dreams of those around us.


Our Mission

Barreras Family Farm is dedicated to emulate the seven Army Values both in our daily farm operations and community involvement. We strive to operate our farm with a Christ-centered perspective, dedicated to sustainable land and animal stewardship and to the distribution of high quality farm products.


Barreras Family Farm provides pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free, sustainable farm products via direct retail and wholesale customers in the Omaha and surrounding areas.

Barreras Family Farm provides educational programs, farm field trips and its annual Rent-a-Chick program to help foster an understanding of natural sustainable farming practices with the local community.

Homegrown By Heroes

HBH - White Back

Barreras Family Farm is the only certified Homegrown by Heroes farm in Omaha, NE.

The Homegrown By Heroes label is proudly displayed on products grown, raised and produced by hardworking farmer veterans who have chosen to serve their nation twice – once by defending it and once by feeding it.

About the Program

Homegrown By Heroes (HBH) is the official farmer veteran branding program of America. The HBH logo serves to inform consumers that products donning the logo were produced by military veterans. The program is available to farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and value-added producers of all branches and eras of military service. Link to FVC.

Farmer Veteran Coalition Mission:


Farm Blog

Happy Customers


We wanted to thank you and your family again so much for the opportunity to send Lilly to Farm Camp this year. She really, really loved her time there.
May your family be blessed in your next adventure.
Tami & Ethan

Farm Camp, she really, really loved her time there.


I met Anthony Barreras, his wife Mariel and, at the time, their five boys during the summer, 2014.

I was looking for real and local, free range produced farm eggs.  I found a few offerings on Craigslist.  The one that stood out turned out to lead me to Anthony’s farm.

From my first visit, it was evident his farm is the read deal.  It’s active, vibrant and energetic.  Alive! Now, 2.5 years later, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.  I’ve learned more about chickens than I ever thought possible.  I’ve watched as the farm has moved ahead on projects to improve and increase production and efficiency.  More than once I’ve visited to “get me some eggs”, and found Anthony deep in a project to get more out of what’s available to the farm.

Since that summer of 2014, the additional offerings of goats’ milk and meat birds has, in my opinion, made the Barreras Family Farm of greater value to the surrounding community.  I’ve often wondered if there will ever be a significant return and restoration of the genuine Family Farm.  With the likes of Anthony and family, I’m optimistic; especially, from a veteran of military service. I’ve always noticed that anyone who is a true veteran displays the unwavering commitment to people, community and task.

I’m not the farms only customer, but Anthony and his family make me feel like I am.  Always engaging and willing to take time to share the adventures and dramas of the animals on the farm.  There is also an intuitive sense to the customers needs.  Ready to accommodate with another dozen eggs, the extra quart of milk I forgot I wanted or when to expect the next meat bird processing to take place so I can make arrangements to place my order.

At the end of the day, the Barreras Family Farm adds an unseen and immeasurable value to the local community.

Best regards,

Nick S.

…Barreras Family Farm adds an unseen and immeasurable value to the local community.

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