About Our Farm


Barreras Family Farm is dedicated to emulate the seven Army Values both in our daily farm operations and community involvement. We strive to operate our farm with a Christ-centered perspective, dedicated to sustainable land and animal stewardship and to the distribution of high quality farm products.


The Barreras Family Farm LLC provides pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free eggs and broiler chickens, and raw goat milk via direct retail and wholesale customers in the Omaha and surrounding areas.

The Barreras Family Farm LLC provides educational programs like farm field trips and its annual Rent-a-Chick program to help foster an understanding of natural sustainable farming practices with the local communities.

Your Family

One thing we have learned in our 18 years of Army service is the importance of people.  We want to share our life, our trials and triumphs, and our dreams with you.  But we also want to hear about your dreams, your challenges, and how your family overcomes. Together we can share and grow not only in experience of farming but also in homeschooling, parenting and military life challenges.  Let’s dream together!


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