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Support The Small Businesses
Support The Small Businesses

This has definitely been a tumultuous year for small businesses. I took some time to reflect this Thanksgiving on all the things our business is thankful for. It was so much easier to be Thankful for the many amazing blessings in our personal life with kids, Army, home, friends, etc. but…I had to purposefully not give thought to the mounting trials, and bills that are apart of our farm.

Farm specific, there have been many little blessings this year and most involve working with other strong business owners.

The most impactful farm blessing started In June of 2020 when I was asked to join Silver Lining, a company dedicated to helping small businesses thrive.

What shocked me at the time, and still does, is that they wanted ME. Not my husband, not the Veteran side of the business, they wanted the emotion, business-savvy grit that I as a wife, mom, and woman bring to our farm business.

Honestly, it has taken me five months to really grasp all this. The discriminations and hurt in the agricultural industry, on top of the Covid trials, all but DROWNED me.

Until…Carrissa, Juan, John, and others through Silver Lining not only found value in who I am as a woman business owner but went above and beyond to tell me, again and again, that I have VALUE.

Yes, Anthony and I make an indestructible team but I wasn’t seeing that until these beautiful mentors stepped up and reminded me of who I am and what I have accomplished, without my husband.

In addition to the grounded business practices, mentorship, and tools that Silver Lining offers, they develop commodore. Commodore is what I needed this year and will lean into even more as 2021 approaches. I needed to find my voice, and see the value in that voice but I also needed to listen and learn and walk alongside other small business owners who have faced similar challenges.


in support of small business owners.

It finally hit me this week, in reflection, how much I want to grow in my support of these amazing business owners. I’ve been in the “needy” stage of my growth. Needing to be encouraged, needing to be empowered, needing the strength of others….and I want to move into a new phase of giving back to these other strong humans who are shaping their communities around the world.

I want to introduce you to their stories, their businesses, and their dreams so that they can inspire you to greatness, just as they did me.

I am so honored to be included in @TYSmallbiz 2020 #giftguide featuring over 100 amazing #smallbusiness that are doing good in the world! –

Think small business this Christmas. Shop locally but also remember that globally we are a network of small communities. Enjoy this gift guide. There are amazing business owners in cities and countries around the world all working to support their families and their loved ones. Shop small biz and share this guide with others. We stand together.



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