Blankets for the Homeless

Blankets for the Homeless
Blankets for the Homeless

We are starting a crochet group that will be making blankets for the homeless community.  Here is all the information!


Anyone (kids included) that can fold and cut plastic bags 

Anyone who can crochet


Making blankets out of plastic grocery bags for the homeless community in Omaha. These blankets provide warmth and are easier to keep clean than traditional cloth.   


Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month



Barreras Farm Market, 14449 F. St. Omaha


Being homeless, sucks. Every person, family, child, that is in this difficult position has a story. Learning their hearts, their story, their pain... sometimes it is the little things that make a difference. Everyone helping to make blankets can be a blessing to these people as they find hope for their future. 


We NEED donated plastic grocery bags!!!!  It takes 500 bags to make one blanket. (Please make sure bags do not have holes in them, it is difficult to make it into yarn when they do.)

You will be taught how to fold and cut the bags and how to turn these into rolls of "yarn".

If you already know how to crochet you will need hook size Q.  If you don't know how I will teach you!  Come with a Q hook and be ready to learn. :-)


We created a FB group and will be sharing updates and need for bags. You can RSVP here but it isn't necessary. Just gives us an idea of how many tables/chairs to put out.  

Email with any questions!! First meeting is Jan 9th!! See you soon.


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