Wind Energy Pinwheels

Wind Energy Pinwheels
Wind Energy Pinwheels

Have you seen those huge wind turbines in open land as you are driving on the interstate? What are those used for? Why do we need them? How are the helpful?

Those wind turbines are creating ENERGY! You can create a model to demonstrate how wind can turn a pinwheel and lift a cup. The wind turbines and windmills we see out there are creating energy that can be used to generate electricity and pump water. Wind is a renewable energy so we can use it without worry that it will run out. Check out the book: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer to learn the true story of how a boy used wind energy to help his community!

Download the instructions at the end of this post to make your own model!

Wind is just one type of energy - there are many different types that fall into two categories: renewable and non-renewable. 




Email us your finished wind energy pinwheels at or tag us on social media @barrerasfamilyfarm - we would love to see them!


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