Rent-a-Chick Educational Program

Reservations for our 2017 Rent-a-Chick Educational Program are NOW open!  This years program begins April 8th- April 22nd. We are offering both a 1 week and 2 week program option. New this year! We are also offering mini photo session by Eve Thrasher Photography.

1 Week (April 8-15th) $25 a pair                       2 Weeks (April 8-22rd) $35 a pair

Pick-up April 8, 9am                                               Pick-up April 8, 9am

Drop off April 15, 9am                                          Drop off April 22, 9am

During pick up times children will be given instructions on how to care for their chicks. Allow time for practice holding chicks and questions (approx. 20min). When you return your chicks, you will receive a certificate for a dozen eggs, which your chicks will start to lay in the fall.

  • You will be expected to supply a heating source and water container for your baby chicks. We recommend a reptile electric heating pad (found at local pet store).
  • Schools, we are flexible on pick up/drop off days and fit these into the workweek.  We also spend approx. 20min talking to your class about chick care and health and safety.


With Eve Thrasher Photography

Includes 15 minute session with Easter props and chicks, online gallery of 5 images and print release with a $5 credit!

Schedule your mini session for April 8th during the Chick Pick Up at the Farm.

Sessions are limited so please call to reserve your spot today!

Hurry!  We only have a limited number of chicks. Contact the farm to reserve your pair of chicks before it is too late. (c) 931-216-8389


Each year, about 6-10 weeks after Easter, chickens get abandoned.  Left on the side of roads or posted for free on Craigslist. These sweet, active, and beneficial critters are left scared and alone.


The Problem: Sweet Easter chicks are given as gifts and quickly grow into nightmares for unprepared families.

The Solution: Teach & Share. Our Rent-a-Chick program educates families on basic chick care. Cute little downy chicks go to families in pairs (always better to travel with a friend 🙂 ). For two weeks these families care for the chicks and teach them how to interact with humans. In return the chicks teach the families how to feed, water, exercise, and love on little critters that are completely dependent on them.  After two weeks the chicks are then returned to the safety of our farm.  Kids are encouraged to name their chicks and come back to check on them.  In addition we give each family a certificate for a free dozen eggs which their chicks will begin to lay in approximately 25 weeks from hatching.


This year over 100 chicks have been shared with families and schools in the Omaha area. Our goal is to give children the opportunity to care for the chicks while watching how amazingly fast they grow.




2015 was our first year renting out pairs of chicks in NE and it was an amazing experience! 15 pairs of Cuckoo Marans went home to families and preschools.  My biggest fear was that there may be a casualty.  But every baby came back to our farm happy and healthy!  Each kiddo did a fantastic job taking care of their sweet babies.

The best part was the creative names that the kids gave each baby.

Cosmo, Chicky, Spike, Twilight, Sofie, Ribbon, Chirpy, Softy, Belle, Tulip, Gracie, Private Eye, and Billy (just to name a few).

Many of you have shared some great pictures of your children with the chicks. These, along with the wonderful names gave me an idea.

We are in the process of building the girls a new chicken condo and I will be making signs with the names that your children have given their birds. Along with the names I would like to add a picture of your kiddos, with their chicks. After all, you’ve put in some great work helping raise them!

I’ll keep you posted as the coop is finished and decorated.

FullSizeRender_4~2~2 imagejpeg_0 IMG_0502 IMG_0509 IMG_6815

*Pictures shared by families in the program.  No names are posted to protect privacy.  If a picture is posted that you would like removed please call or private message me. If you have a picture you would like me to post please e-mail it to me.

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