We Love Our Customers!

No matter how much we love farming, none of it matters without our great customers. Here is our chance to highlight those who support our local Veteran farm. ❤️

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Dianna Carda

Eat Real-Live Real
I first heard about Barrera’s Farm when standing in front of the dairy and egg
section at Whole Foods. I use to have my own farm with eggs and goat milk. Having
to make a move into town, I was frustrated with not being able to find eggs and milk
comparable to my farm items, even when shopping at health stores. Another Whole
Foods customer referred me to the Barrera’s website. My answer to finding quality
real food products since has been to buy from our local Nebraska farmers as much
as possible.
Besides Jesus, family, and health, eating real is very important to me as a busy
teacher, athlete and running a business in nutritional supplements. It is important to
me to continue to achieve state and world records as a swimmer and in weight
lifting and still have energy to play with my horse and work my regular jobs from
8am to 8pm.
I eat about 3-4 eggs a day, either boiled with some farm, grass fed bacon or
scrambled with green peas, as a night snack. The results of my annual physical in the
last several years show my LDL and cholesterol levels are off the medical charts on
the positive side.

Toovey Family

I’m Marianne, a homeschooling mom of 1. We moved to Nebraska about 5 years ago, and before that I never lived anywhere that had snow – I hate it! I’m a city girl by nature, but love the escape country life offers.

We found the Barreras Family Farm last year through an MCC summer camp for kids, which my daughter LOVED and still talks about to this day!
We’ve had eggs, ground beef, and brats from the Barreras farm and all were excellent – I’ll definitely get more in the future! The only program we’ve attended for now is the weekend summer camp, but now that we’ve tried that and loved it, we’re interested in getting involved with more!