Pork, Breakfast Sausage

Take your breakfast to a new level with our super clean and delicious-tasting pastured pork breakfast sausage links. 

16 sausage links per package ( 1.20lb Average)

Ingredients: Pork, sea salt, black pepper, celery seed, allspice, sage, collagen casing.

All of our pork products come from Clear Creek Farms in Spalding, Nebraska. They are pasture-raised and given no antibiotics or hormones.  They eat a natural omnivore diet of certified organic local and seasonal fruits, nuts, vegetables, soy-free, GMO-free grains, and barley that has been soaked and sprouted in whey. This is by far the best hog available.

**Only BFF pork is used. No offal is used in any of our sausages.

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