Introduction to Bee Keeping, Saturday July 13th 12:30-2pm

Introduction to Bee Keeping, Saturday July 13th 12:30-2pm

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In this course individuals will understand and learn the 
🍯basic knowledge of a bee hive,    
🍯inspection of a live hive, 
🍯and the extraction process of honey
🍯The description and physical attributes of different types of hives while knowing the pros and cons of each.  
Following discussion we will open inspect a live hive, while visually observing each frame for laying patterns and overall health.  
Lastly we will extract honey using a hand driven extractor. 
We will extract the honey using a simple gravity filter method.  Participants will be able to take home a 6oz jar of honey that they extracted themselves. 
🍯please understand this may not be suitable for young children 
🍯participants may want to wear long sleeved clothing while observing the hive inspection
🍯 from start to finish we estimate 2 hours approximately one each person can enjoy uncapping and spinning their own frame of honey.
Class will be taught by Matt & Emely Hendl, owners of Anchor Meadow Farm on site at Barreras Family Farm, Blair NE.


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