Christmas Ham

Christmas Ham

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Barreras Family Farm pastures are never sprayed with any type of pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers. All of our animals are raised antibiotic and hormone free.

We implement a rotational grazing system for optimum health of both animal and environment.  The fresh air and exercise results in healthy, great tasting pork – every time.

We also have a wonderful USDA certified butcher who goes the extra step to ensure that non of our pork is processed with MSG’s or other chemicals.  All of our cured meat is done the old fashioned way with sea salt and herbs.  Yes, it takes a bit longer but the taste is so much better!

You are welcome to pick up direct from our farm in Blair, NE or we meet every customers Wednesday at 6:30pm in the parking lot of Faith Family Church on Blondo and 96th St.

Cured Ham average 3lb @ $7 per lb

Cured Ham Steak average 1lb @ $7 per lb


** Your online payment will be collected and subtracted from the actual cost based on weight of your ham.  For example: You pay $7 for a ham steak.  Your actual ham steak weights 1.25lbs and = $8.75 – your $7 online purchase leaves you a balance due of $1.75 to be paid at time of delivery/pick up.


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