Summer Farm Camps

Summer Farm Camps

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Summer Farm Camps

Visit our farm and explore everything there is to know about farm animals, from the cute and cuddly to the strong and massive. These sessions are set up for one parent and one child.  These classes are offered rain or shine.  Receive a FREE camp if you register for all seven camp days. (ages 4-15)  Parents are encouraged to have fun, be a kid, and stay with their child. 

Friday June 5th 1-4 Pigs – Learn why pigs LOVE mud! Help us rotate them in the pasture, pet them, feed them, and take home a fun pig art project. $65

Friday June 12th 1-4  Cows & Goats  – Bottle feed baby goats and cows and learn to milk the momma goats. Learn why farmers choose to bottle feed, experience feeding a 100lb baby cow compared to a tiny 10lb baby goat. Help us move the goats between pastures and take home a fun cow/goat art project.  $65

Thursday June 25th 1-4 Adventure Camp– This special week teaches children the importance of protecting the farm creatures from different predators. Hawks, owls, raccoons, coyotes and more prey on our critters and it is up to each young farmer to learn the skills required to help protect the farm. This adventure week includes hikes in the woods, learning to look for animal sign, and learning to shoot a bow (with safety tip arrows).$65

Friday July 10th 1-4 Chickens  – Learn how fast chickens grow from eggs to adults, see them act like dinosaurs out in the pasture as they hunt for food. Hike with us and discover where the chickens hide, what predators they have, gather eggs, learn about processing them for sale in the store, and take home a cute chicken art project.  $65

Friday July 17th 1-4  Bunnies- Campers will get to discover the cuddly critters on the farm while having devoted time to care for our bunnies: Katerina, Clover, and Hopper. Learn about different bunny breeds, watch how fast they hop and play. Help us give the bunnies a bath and make them some yummy cookies. Take home a cuddly bunny art project.  $65

Friday July 24th 1-4 Soap Making Ever wanted to know how to make soap? Children in this class will help us make cold-process goat milk soap from the start of milking the goats to the very end of taking home their own bars of soap. (eye protection will be provided for each child.  Please have them wear a shirt with long sleeves). $65


Friday July 31st 1-4 Horses- Campers this week will get to spend time grooming, bathing, and riding Gia and Sierra.  They will also get to learn about good horse care, watch a farrier give the horses a pedicure, and take home a fun horse art project! Everyone gets to try riding (assisted by a farm hand with lead rope).  $65

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