Pasture Raised Pork

From Pasture to plate.  Order all natural pork, and save by ordering ½ (half) or whole hog.  Barreras Family Farm pastures are never sprayed with any type of pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers. All of our animals are raised antibiotic and hormone free.

Our pigs are raised in the outdoors on pasture with no antibiotics. They graze on greens all season. We implement a rotational grazing system for optimum health of both animal and environment.  The fresh air and exercise results in healthy, great tasting pork – every time.

pigs on pasture

Individual Cuts

CutSize & Price
Bone In Shoulder Roast3lb package, $6lb
Shoulder Steak1” cuts, 4 to package, $6lb
Pork Chops1” cuts, 2 to package, $6lb
Bone In Loin Roast3lb package, $6lb
Boneless Loin Roast 3lb package $7lb
Cured Ham3lb package, $7lb
Cured Bacon1lb packages, $8lb
Cured Hocks4 to package, $6lb
Cured Ham Steaks $7lb
Spare Ribs$7lb
Baby Back Ribs$7lb
Full Rack Ribs $8lb
Ground Pork 1lb packages, $6lb
Pork Sausage (regular) 1lb packages, $6lb
Pork Sausage (spicy) lb packages, $7lb
Sausage Links 1lb packages, $7lb
Sausage Patties 1lb packages, $7lb
Original  Brats 1lb packages, $7lb
Cheddar Brats 1lb packages, $7lb
Lard $8lb

Individual cuts and 1/2 and whole hog orders can be picked up from the farm or arranged to be picked up in Omaha every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. 

Option 1: $4.10 per hanging weight pound, you work with Wahoo Locker, USDA certified butcher, directly for your ordering and processing and pick up your pork directly from Wahoo.

Option 2: $5.35 per hanging weight pound, your pork will be processed through Wahoo Locker, USDA certified butcher, but we work on your behalf for the ordering, processing, and pick up of your pork. The following standard cuts are included in this price (additional cuts and curing is extra).  Your order will be available for pick up at Barreras Family Farm.

Want to order pork – Next steps:

  • To order individual cuts send us an email with your order request, barrerasfamilyfarm@gmail.com and we will get you weights, total, and arrange for pick up.
  • To reserve your 1/2 or whole hog order, we do require a $100 deposit, that is nonrefundable.  Your order will not be confirmed until the $100 is received. To make it easy we offer you the option to pay your deposit with credit card.
  • This down payment does go towards your hanging weight total.
  • We do accept checks, Paypal, credit cards and cash.
  • If you write a check please make it payable to Barreras Family Farm.
  • Either pay via the link above or email us using the following form below. Let us know how much you would like to order and either Option 1 or 2. We will send you a complete invoice and answer any questions you may have.

New this year! Customers can make monthly payments toward their order.

What happens when the hogs go to the locker:

  • You will receive an email from Barreras Family Farm stating that your hog is going to the locker.  If you ordered pork under Option 1, you will need to call the locker with your custom cutting instructions.  If you ordered pork under Option 2, we will order the standard cuts for you and pay all the processing fees.
  • The locker will have your hanging weight within a few days of us dropping the hogs off.
  • You will receive an email with your hanging weight total, and the $100.00 will be deducted from the total.
  • Final payment must be made promptly, your pork has to be paid for before you can pick it up from the locker.

Example of email Receipt

  • Your hanging weight is 160 pounds
  • 160*$5.35=$856.00
  • Down Payment <$100.00>
  • Total Owed = $756.00

How much pork should I expect?

  • With 1/2 of hog the average is 90-100 pounds. This is an average – it may vary.
  • A whole hog is usually 180-200 hanging weight pounds.

How much is processing?

  • The price of processing varies with the size of your order and how you have it cut.
  • Please call the Wahoo Locker or go to their website with pricing questions on processing.  If you order from us under Option 2, we cover the processing costs.

What are standard cuts?

  • Standard cuts include:
Shoulder Roast or Steak (both if ordering whole hog)
Pork Chops or Loin (both if ordering whole hog)
Fresh or Cured Ham & Ham Steaks*
Fresh or Cured Hocks*
Fresh or Cured Bacon*
Spare Ribs
Pork Sausage
*Any cured meat is $1 more per pound.

Why buy Barreras Family Farm Pork?

  • It is local and farm fresh.
  • Raised by an Army Veteran family who value Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage in every aspect of farming and care for their land and animals.
  • Your pork has NO HORMONES, NO STEROIDS, NO ANTIBIOTICS, always raised on PASTURE!
  • Your pork is raised on NE pasture that is never sprayed with chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.
  • Your hog is treated humanely, part of our family of animals – and is not in an over packed feed yard.
  • You get to custom order your pork – how thick you want your chops, how many pounds your wants your roast, etc.
  • Our hogs are available for purchase by 1/2 or whole.

Have questions?

  • Call or send us an email, (cell) 4zero2-90six-97six6

Thank you for your support, we appreciate it.  We know that you will be able to taste the difference in our pork!! 

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