“From our family farm to your family's table"

The Barreras Family Farm is a sustainable, grass-fed meat farm near Omaha, Nebraska specializing in natural beef and pork delivery. Here’s how we got here…

Anthony and I met in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our dates consisted of fishing grayling, hour-long walks through Home Depot, and bear hunting. During our bear hunts we would dream about having kids, a farm, and living off the land. My childhood dream was to be like Laura Ingles Wilder and Anthony wanted to farm like his grandma.

Years later, on our second duty station in California, a landlord abandoned a small flock of chickens and turkeys. Our whole family was excited for a little taste of farm life. The entrepreneur in me began to grow the flock from 25 to over 200, selling eggs and starting our, now trademarked, Rent-a-Chick Educational Program. Soon after we got orders to Offutt AFB, Nebraska and moved the flock with us. We spent another couple years growing our “hobby” farm and learning from seasoned farmers throughout the United States.

Then in 2018 we were blessed to purchase a large acreage and take our farm dreams to the next level. When designing the branding for our farm we took it back to the very beginning, bear hunting in Alaska. The Bear represents the beginning of our family, our farm, and the dreams of those around us.

Today, our sustainable meat farm near Omaha, Nebraska specializes in natural, grass-fed beef and pork production and delivery. We partner with other Nebraska pork and beef farmers who share our commitment to raising natural meat in a sustainable manner. We deliver all-natural beef and pork straight from our family farm to your family’s table.

Our Values

Our 21 years in the military, Anthony’s service, and the kids and I serving along his side ingrained in each of us the power of life, of words, of dreams, and community. Every challenge our family has faced has been done with an unwavering faith in God and our passion to serve others. The 7 Army Values are the basis for every operation in our business, in our family, and in our community involvement.


Staying true to our values. Ensuring our commitment to God, Family, and Country.


Fulfill our daily tasks, always leaving everything better than how we found it.


Treat all people with love and respect.

Selfless Service

Committed to serving the welfare of others before our own.


Encourage everyone with a smile, a hug, or a word of encouragement. Celebrate and honor our differences and our similarities.


Hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and transparency.

Personal Courage

See each challenge as a “gift” and stand without fear in the truth of your convictions.

We are here to support you, not just with premium meat, but with encouragement on your journey of life! As a mom of eight children and a business owner, I know the challenges that each day can bring. Our team at the family meat farm near Omaha is ready to assist you with a word of encouragement, recipe ideas, or a chance to let your kids romp and play.

You are worthy! You have purpose! You are loved!

Blessings, Mariel