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Operation Feeding Families

Operation Feeding Families
2,500 people are homeless in the Omaha area.
Operation Feeding Families
The average age of a person who is homeless is 9 years old.
Operation Feeding Families
Families & children represent 23 percent of the homeless.


We have seen firsthand the sadness and suffering that is caused by hunger. Through Operation Feeding Families , we are Breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Operation Feeding Families
“With tears in her eyes, Helen emphasizes all the Lord has done. She wants those who are giving and donating to understand that they are contributing so much more than just feeding a person with food.”
Operation Feeding Families
“I just began giving up on myself, especially after I lost my kids due to the poor home environment,” says Eva. Without your giving, people like me would really be struggling. You are putting life back into someone!”
Operation Feeding Families
William grew up in a good home, despite his parents having divorced at an early age.
He just got to a point at age 10 where he felt like he didn’t quite fit in. At age 12, he began drinking then he began experimenting with drugs. Everything fell apart. “I’ve been in and out of shelters but this program was different, with classes all day every day, and more rules and restrictions,” William said, “ have been able to get my dream job as a forklift driver.


  1. Every time a purchase is made at barrerasfamilyfarm.com, a nutritious meal is prepared for a child in need, helping fight hunger in Nebraska.
  2. The Operation Feeding Families team works with charity partners like, Open Door Mission to provide nutritious meals.

Barreras Family Farm works with Open Door Mission and other organizations in Nebraska to provide meals to the homeless. Not only do we donate premium beef and pork products to help homeless families in Omaha, we also serve dinner together as a family every week.

You can be a Hero too!
Every purchase through barrerasfamilyfarm.com provides a meal for a family in need here at home and far beyond Omaha. Every purchase from Barreras helps us help homeless families!