Q: Where is our beef raised?

A: Our Alfalfa finished beef is sourced from our farm in Blair, Nebraska. 

Our Milo Grain Finished beef is sourced from our partner farm in Lawrence, Nebraska. 

Q: What breed of beef do you raise?

A: We raise a Hereford (red/white face) and an Angus (black/red) crossed beef. The Hereford have a sweet gentle personality and make working them, especially with our kids much safer. The Angus grow fast and big. Mixing the two give us the best qualities of both breeds.

Q: What do your beef eat?

A: Our cows and our partner cows are always on pasture. We do not raise on animals in feedlots or barns.  At 90 days before harvest our beef get fed either Alfalfa or Milo Grain. This gives them a different fat content and two great premium meat choices for our customers.

Q: What is Alfalfa vs. Grain Finished?

A: All of our Hereford and Angus crossed beef enjoy a nutritious pasture mix of legumes and grasses their whole life. 90 days before harvest we finish some beef on Alfalfa and others on Milo (grain). This gives you an option on fat content. 

Our Alfalfa finished beef is sweeter in flavor and has less fat (90/10). Alfalfa is a legume, although must think of it as a grass.  It is grown in Grenta, Nebraska. It has a wonderfully high sugar content which gives the beef a sweet flavor and gentle marbling. This is our families favorite way to finish beef.

Our Milo/Grain finished beef is a traditional taste and standard marbling (80/20). Milo is grain that is grown here in Lawrence, Nebraska. Milo is higher in carbs and much easier for the cows to digest than corn. This gives the meat a richer marbling.

Q: Are you Organic?

A: We are not certified organic. With the government paperwork and neighboring farmers who are convention row croppers this certification is not possible. However, we believe in organic practices and our pastures are never sprayed with chemicals or fertilizers.

No antibiotics, hormones, no corn, and no soy. Grass-fed the way God intended and lovingly cared for from birth to plate.


No Corn & No Soy- EVER.

Q: How much freezer space do I need?     

A: Approx. 5 cu. ft. of space per 1/4 share. A full beef share will require approx. 20 cu. ft. space

Q: Are there any other fees?     

A: NEVER! We don't want you confused and having to struggle with calculating hanging weights and take-home weights and butcher instructions, and all the extra fees that add up. You deserve an easier way. One flat fee, no hassle, and the highest ratio of take-home meat to price you will find anywhere.

Q: Who is your butcher?

A: We use Wahoo Meat Locker in Wahoo, Nebraska. All of our meat is Federally Inspected and Labeled. Charlie and his team are dependable and consistent in their care for the animals and the meat. They are also an Animal Welfare Approved Facility.