Barreras Family Farm
Barreras Family Farm

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Homegrown By Heroes

Barreras Family Farm is the only certified Homegrown by Heroes farm in Omaha, NE.

The Homegrown By Heroes label is proudly displayed on products grown, raised and produced by hardworking farmer veterans who have chosen to serve their nation twice – once by defending it and once again by feeding it.

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I met Anthony Barreras, his wife Mariel and, at the time, their five boys during the summer, 2014. I was looking for real and local, free range produced farm eggs. I found a few offerings on Craigslist. The one that stood out turned out to lead me to Anthony’s farm...

He’s a healthy, thriving little guy now, no more vomiting, internal bleeding ER’s or hospitals. The milk he had for those 3 weeks really did save his life! My sister made a type of formula from a recipe she found by adding coconut oil, molasses, water and a few other...