Myth #1 – Goats are dirty.
Truth – Goats are obsessive about being clean.  They are fastidious. They dislike being wet.  Of all the animals I’ve been around (and that’s a LOT), goats are by far the cleanest animals.

Myth #2 – Goats smell bad.
Truth – Only some goats smell bad.  Buck (male) goats in rut (breeding season) smell bad…to humans.  They smell really sexy to does (females) in heat.  I would imagine that goats think men who wear Axe body spray smell bad.  As a rule, goats do not smell.  If your goats smell and it isn’t in rut, you have a management issue.  Our goats are always pleasant smelling.

Myth #3 – Goats are destructive.IMG_6483
Truth – I hear this one more than any other.  Goats are herding animals and if they don’t have a herd, they will do everything in their power to be a part of your herd.  And that means breaking out of fences, climbing on cars, etc.  They just want to be a part of a herd.  We bought four does because I knew they needed a herd. And they love making the cows and our boys part of their herd too.

Myth #4 – Goats will eat anything.
Truth – Goats are like children, very inquisitive!  But they don’t have fingers or hands to touch everything like a child.  Instead, they use their mouths!  Goats are particularly fussy eaters.  They like to eat above ground.  They are browsers, not grazers.  Yes, they will eat grass, but it’s not what they prefer.  They like to eat trees, shrubs, large weeds, etc.

Myth #5 – Goat milk tastes bad.
Truth –  If you’ve had goat milk and it tasted bad…you got bad milk.  Goat milk is delicious, sweet and creamy.  It is richer than cow milk as it is naturally homogenized, meaning the cream will not separate and rise to the top.  If you are not practicing STRICT sanitation procedures and caring for your animals and equipment correctly, your milk will taste bad.  And that doesn’t matter whether you’re milking a goat, a cow or a yak.

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