Broiler Chickens!

BBQ Season is right around the corner.  Don’t miss out on the best tasting chickens your family has ever had. Our chickens are: Antibiotic Free, No Hormones, Pasture Raised, Naturally Grown, Sustainable

Each chicken averages 3-4lbs and is $4.35 per pound.  A $10 deposit is required per bird at time of pre-order.  After butcher each bird is weighed and your deposit is subtracted from the total weighed giving you a new balance.

All of our chickens are raised on pasture and in chicken tractors to keep them safe from predators.  None of our animals receive antibiotics or hormones.   Chickens are fed a local feed in addition to anything they find out in our organic pasture.

Butcher dates run through September. Make sure you order enough chickens to fill your freezer for the winter.


Whole Chicken: no extra charge

Cut Chicken: $1.25 extra per chicken

Pre-Orders for 2019 are OPEN!