History of our program

Each year, about 6-10 weeks after Easter, chickens get abandoned.  Left on the side of roads or posted for free on Craigslist. These sweet, active, and beneficial critters are left scared and alone.


The Problem: Sweet Easter chicks are given as gifts and quickly grow into nightmares for unprepared families.

The Solution: Teach & Share. Our Rent-a-Chick (TM) Educational Program teaches families about farm life by caring for two chicks; learning how to feed, water, exercise, and love on little critters that are completely dependent on them.  In exchange your family is teaching the baby chicks how to interact with humans.

After our two week program the chicks are returned to the safety of our farm and grow into our pastured egg layer hens.  Kids are encouraged to name their chicks and come back to check on them.  In addition we give each family a certificate for a free dozen eggs which their chicks will begin to lay in the fall.


This year over 200 chicks had the opportunity to be loved by families and school classrooms around Omaha. The names given to the chicks this year were very sweet. We can’t wait for next years program.

IMG_20170410_1930104                     FB_IMG_1493094949264                  PopcornDaffodil-01

GOLDEN SPARKLES & RED                               PANCAKE & SYRUP                                          POPCORN & DAFFODIL

IMG_20170417_192951                  image2

 SUNNY & CHEEPERS                                     SWEET PEA & CHARLOTTE


This year over 100 chicks have been shared with families and schools in the Omaha area. Our goal is to give children the opportunity to care for the chicks while watching how amazingly fast they grow.



2015 was our first year renting out pairs of chicks in NE and it was an amazing experience! 15 pairs of Cuckoo Marans went home to families and preschools.  My biggest fear was that there may be a casualty.  But every baby came back to our farm happy and healthy!  Each kiddo did a fantastic job taking care of their sweet babies.

The best part was the creative names that the kids gave each baby.

Cosmo, Chicky, Spike, Twilight, Sofie, Ribbon, Chirpy, Softy, Belle, Tulip, Gracie, Private-Eye, and Billy (just to name a few).


*Pictures shared by families in the program.  No names are posted to protect privacy.  If a picture is posted that you would like removed please call or private message me. If you have a picture you would like me to post please e-mail it to me.

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