Fresh Local Farm Produce




Farm fresh, pasture raised chicken eggs. $4/dozen

Eggs are ALWAYS fresh and chickens are ALWAYS allowed to pasture range (NEVER CAGED)!!!

My girls (our pets) are NOT given any antibiotics or hormones. They are free fed (no rationing) and have their feed, poultry mineral blocks, oyster shells, and fresh water always available to them. The hens are provided a heated chicken coop in the winter and a cooled run in the summer. They roam freely on over 10 acres of grassy area to eat all the natural food that is available to them. In the summer we gather their eggs three times a day – mid morning, mid afternoon, and in the evening right before they start roosting. In the winter during freezing temperatures, their eggs are gathered every couple of hours throughout the day. Fresh bedding is provided every other day. This ensures the eggs remain clean and the chickens comfortable.


Pasture Raised, regular and organic/Non GMO broiler chickens. $3.58 per pound and $4.89 per pound

Our goal is chickens that are 4-5 lbs. dressed out. These are whole birds, great for roasting and can be picked up bagged, fresh or frozen.

We are pleased to offer the following options with prices listed below.

* Antibiotic Free, No Hormones, Pasture Raised

Whole Bird $3.58 per pound

* Organic/NonGMO, Antibiotic Free, No Hormones, Pasture Raised

Whole Bird $4.89 per pound without pre order

Nonrefundable deposit of $6 per bird is required at time of pre order.

In an effort to keep costs low for our customer’s, deliveries to Bellevue and Ralston will be limited. We encourage people to pick up at the farm or even visit us during the growing process. Come out to the farm and see the chickens free ranging in the pasture.

IMG_6473Fresh Raw Goat Milk $4/quart or $14/gallon

Farm fresh raw goat milk for sale – labeled as for pet consumption.

Our ladies are NOT given any antibiotics or hormones and are spoiled on the best quality feed, alfalfa hay and fresh veggies to supplement their free range grass diet.

Our milk is filtered twice and flash chilled in glass containers within 20 minutes of each milking. At pick up please bring your own containers. If you don’t have containers we can provide 1quart glass jars for $1 each or 1/2 gallon glass jars for $2 each.

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Call or text, (c) 931.216.8389 for availability