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We help you be the superhero of your family! Barreras Family Farm near Omaha hosts farm school, field trips, summer camps, agricultural education and special events. Our farm classes inspire your children to explore life in a safe and exciting environment.

Omaha Farm Summer Camp, Field Trips, Farm School & Events | Barreras Family Farms

Summer Farm Camps

Adventure & Learning to last a lifetime.

  • Grades K+
  • Background checked and farm certified teachers
  • Source of Vitamin D, fresh air & friendships

Visit our farm and explore everything there is to know about farm animals, from the cute and cuddly to the strong and massive.

NEW 2021 Farm STEM Camp: Come to the farm and take your love for animals and farming to the next level!! Not available anywhere else in Nebraska, Barreras Family Farm STEM farm classes are going to inspire your students and engage their creative problem-solving skills.

These weeklong farm camps take farm education to the next level. Tractors, implements, weather, butchery, animal veterinary science, water irrigation, energy, electricity, and grilling of meat will all focus on STEM concepts. Ages 4-15.

The first camps starts on July 5th-9th and the second one is from July 12th-16th.


We also offer a variety of 1-Day classes to experience a wide range of activities all over our farm!

Pigs: Why do pigs LOVE mud! Help us rotate them in the pasture, pet them, feed them, and take home a fun pig art project.

Cows & Goats: Bottle feed baby goats and cows and learn to milk the momma goats. Learn why farmers choose to bottle feed, experience feeding a 100lb baby cow compared to a tiny 10lb baby goat.

Adventure Camp: Students learn the importance of protecting the farm creatures from different predators. Hawks, owls, raccoons, coyotes and more prey on our critters and it is up to each young farmer to learn the skills required to help protect the farm. This adventure week includes hikes in the woods, learning to look for animal sign, and learning to shoot a bow (with safety tip arrows).

Chickens: Learn how fast chickens grow from eggs to adults, see them act like dinosaurs out in the pasture as they hunt for food. Hike with us and discover where the chickens hide, what predators they have, gather eggs, learn about processing them for sale in the store, and take home a cute chicken art project.

Bees & Honey: Campers will get basic introduction into beekeeping. Tools of the trade, parts of a hive, understanding how honey is made, and go home with some of our farm’s raw honey.

Rabbits: Campers will get to discover the cuddly critters on the farm while having devoted time to care for our bunnies. Learn about different bunny breeds, watch how fast they hop and play. Help us give the bunnies a bath and make them some yummy cookies. Take home a cuddly bunny art project.

Soap Making: Ever wanted to know how to make soap? Students make cold-process goat milk soap from the start of milking the goats to the very end of taking home their own bars of soap. (eye protection will be provided for each child. Please have them wear a shirt with long sleeves).

Horses: Campers this week will get to spend time grooming, bathing, and riding Gia and Sierra. Everyone gets to try riding (assisted by a farmhand with lead rope).

Rent-a-Chick™ Educational Program

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Farm life, at home.

  • 1 Week Program
  • 2 baby chicks
  • Priceless family memories


***Currently Spring Only! Registration opens in January 2022. Sign up below to get notified as soon as pre-registration begins! Don’t miss out.

Our Rent-a-Chick™ educational program teaches families about farm life by caring for two chicks; learning how to feed, water, exercise, and love on little critters that are completely dependent on them. In exchange your family is teaching the baby chicks how to interact with humans.

After our one week program the chicks are returned to the safety of our farm and grow into our pastured egg layer hens. Kids are encouraged to name their chicks and come back to check on them. In addition we give each family a certificate for a free dozen eggs which their chicks will begin to lay in the fall.

*Our program is trademarked and copyrighted. Please honor our hard work and call us if you would like information on using our program on your farm or university.

Field Trips, Tours & Group Events

Fun for the whole family.

  • Groups size 10-100
  • Hands on Private Farm Tour
  • Seasonal farm activities

For questions and Inquiries, contact us below!

Our farm offers a variety of field trips, tours, and events for all types of groups. Our season begins in March/April and continues through December. Educational programs include a variety of farm to table concepts, holding and petting farm animals, playing on our farm tires and hay forts, and more. We offer picnic tables for lunches and parties, a port-a-john, and hand washing station. Families and groups reserve dates and times based on availability. Call or send us a message through the form below for prices and availability. Send us a message through the contact form for prices and availability.

Farm School

Online Learning for Grades K+, Coming in August 2021!!!

  • Engaging Video Lessons & Activity Worksheets
  • How-To’s, Recipes or Tutorials
  • Interactive Online Community


Sign up below to get notified of all our classes that have registrations available!

Learn about life on the farm, age old lessons and modern day methods. Our interactive lessons and engaging activities connect families and communities.

  • Cheesemaking
  • All About Rabbits & Rodents
  • Tractors & Farm Implements
  • Weather & The Farmer’s Almanac
  • Bread Making
  • Butchery
  • Animal Veterinary Science
  • Water & Irrigation
  • Energy & Electricity
  • Cooking & Grilling
  • Gardening & Growing
  • Beekeeping
  • Dairy Goats & Cows
  • Making Soap
  • Chickens & Eggs
  • All about Horses
  • Three Little Pigs
For more information on farm summer camp near Omaha, or our field trips, farm school, special events, or other educational programs, please contact us below!
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