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1/2 Day Summer Farm Camps

June 1 - July 31


Enroll your 5-12 year olds in an unforgettable farm camp unlike any other! Your campers will spend their time on the farm seeing, hearing, touching, and exploring as we incorporate the seven Army Values and learn how God made each animal on the farm unique.  We live, thrive, connect, play, and discover on the farm.

Mulberry Picking Farm Adventure

Summer Camp Activities Include: Animals: Children absolutely love caring for our farm animals, which include goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs, cows, and horses.  Your child will have the opportunity to not only care for the animals but interact and bond with them as a farmer does.  Farm chores teach campers the importance of work by rotating responsibilities throughout the week.  Campers also learn how dependent the animals are on the chores getting done.  This creates a sense of belonging and fulfillment in our campers.

Values: Farming requires teamwork and each member of the team must learn to uphold strong values. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are taught to each child throughout the week.

Camp runs Monday-Friday from 9am-12noon.

Each Week Includes:

  • Pledge of Allegiance/Bible verse of the week
  • Chores while exploring God’s world through farm life
  • Exercise with game time
  • Work on a specific “farm” project; rabbit week is helping build rabbit houses, adventure week is working in the marsh putting up a fence, etc.
  • Create cool crafts
  • Community service activity
  • Mid-Morning Snack, young farmers pick right from the garden

 Age Range

5-12 years old. Barreras Family Farm campers must be entering Kindergarten of the current school year. For more information on age range, FAQ.

Themed Sessions

Each camp session is designed around a new theme, enabling your child to experience every session like it was their first, whether they come for just one or multiple camp weeks. All Farm Campers, no matter the week, learn to tend to the vegetables, care for the chickens (and collect their eggs!), harvest produce right from the farm for making snacks, create fun farm crafts, hike, study nature, play games, learn farm bible verses, and have fun with team-building activities. All activities are designed to be age-appropriate.

Each week-long session has its own focused theme. The theme guides our educational activities and allows campers to explore these farm and food topics more in depth.IMG_9468

Week 1, June 3-7: Cows & Goats  On top of all the normal farm activities your campers will enjoy this exciting week of farm camp filled with bottle feeding baby goats and cows and learning to milk the momma goats. Learn why farmers choose to bottle feed, experience feeding a 100lb baby cow compared to a tiny 10lb baby goat. Help us move the goats between pastures and more.

daisyWeek 2, June 10-14: Farm Critters – Your little animal lover or critter extraordinaire will want to join us during this week. Farm Critters campers will learn about all of the fascinating creatures that play a role on our farm: pests, pollinators, worms, chickens, fungi, birds, and more. Campers will discover the wide variety of different farm animals and how they each work together as a team while enjoying lots of “hands on” time with all of our farm critters.

Week 3, June 24-28: Adventure Camp– This special week teaches children the importance of protecting the farm creatures from different predators. Hawks, owls, raccoons, coyotes and more prey on our critters and it is up to each young farmer to learn the skills required to help protect the farm. This adventure week includes hikes in the woods, learning to look for animal sign, and learning to shoot a bow (with safety tip arrows).

w girl chickensWeek 4, July 8-12: Chickens & Bunnies  – Campers will get to discover the cuddly critters on the farm while having devoted time to care for our bunnies: Katerina, Clover, and Hopper. Learn about different bunny breeds, watch how fast they hop and play. Farmers in this week will get to help us build new outdoor playpens for each of the bunnies and learn a lot about chickens. Like how fast chickens grow from eggs to adults, see them act like dinosaurs out in the pasture as they hunt for food. Hike with us and discover where the chickens hide, what predators theygirl-644282_1920

Week 5, July 22-26: Horses-  Campers this week will get to spend time grooming, bathing, training and riding Gia and Sierra.  They will also get to learn about good horse care, watch a farrier give the horses a pedicure, and more! Everyone gets to try riding (assisted by a farm hand with lead rope).


Each week of camp is $175 per child. $150 for each sibling.


Space is limited.  In order to save your child/s spot please register online.  We will then email you/or you can click and print the complete registration form that must be mailed back to our office.

Community Service Activity

Love and care for others is the cornerstone of our farm.  This year we are excited to be collaborating with Bickford Senior Living in Omaha.  Your kids will get to pick a senior resident and color him or her a special picture of their time at camp.  The residents of Bickford will also get to visit the farm the end of July and your children will have an opportunity to show them all they have learned as well as assist the residents by serving beverages.

Our discipline policy

We feel that our day campers behavior is a shared responsibility of the day camper, camp staff, and the parents. We ask that each family discuss appropriate behavior and sign and require a “camp Behavior Agreement”. Our commitment is to treat all campers with respect and equality. Should a discipline problem arise we will offer gentle reminders to the campers regarding their behavior. Should the problem persist we will call the parents for assistance.

If you have any questions or comments visit our FAQ page or call our Program Coordinator, Mariel Barreras at 402-906-9766 or email barrerasfamilyfarm@gmail.com


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