Beef, Prime Rib Roast

Omaha’s best grass fed beef prime rib roast cut available to order online!

Prime Rib Roast is the most premium roast you can buy. It comes from the exact same cut that Ribeye Steaks come from (just that the steaks aren't cut yet and it's, therefore, a roast) here in Omaha, Nebraska. Order your grass fed beef prime rib roast cut online today!

$42 per lb. Exact weights will be calculated for online purchases when packed. Any balance due will be emailed prior to shipping/pick up.

Bone-In or Bone-Less? What is the difference?
My humble opinion as a wife and mom of eight....For this Premium tasting cut of meat, I prefer Bone-less. When it comes to soups and stocks, YES give me the bone. But for steaks...If I'm not eating the bone, or gaining the flavor in any way, I prefer to concentrate on a great tasting meat, without the extra weight. That is why our family is so picky when it comes to feeding our beef healthy nutrient dense grasses. What they eat makes a huge difference in the taste of the beef. Our customers can taste the difference in every bite!!  Our boneless prime rib roast won't at the extra expense of wasted bone you pay for and it will be more flavorful than any other roast you've tasted. That's my "mom" guarantee. 

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