Beef, Marrow Bones

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Increasingly popular amongst foodies, Nebraska-raised marrow bones outside of Omaha have been historically treasured for high fat and nutritional content. Delicious bone broth can be slow-cooked or roasted bone marrow can be eaten directly as-is. Whether for soup or dog treats, our Omaha-raised marrow bones are a great choice.

Also a great high-quality item for your Fur-babies. They deserve premium meat and treats too.

Ā Exact weights will be calculatedĀ for online purchases when packed. Any balance due will be emailed prior to shipping/pick up.

***IMPORTANT NOTE:Ā  The health benefits of lard and bones apply only to pasture-raised pork.Ā  Fat (and marrow) is where a lot of the bad stuff is stored and concentrated (ie, chemicals, additives, vaccinations, by-products of junk ingredients, etc). For this reason we strongly recommend only using from pasture-raised pigs and cows.Ā  Avoid commercially raised livestock. Find farmers like our farm who refuse to vaccinate and do not treat with hormones/antibiotics.