Welcome Farm Chef Cristina to the BFF family

Welcome Farm Chef Cristina to the BFF family
Welcome Farm Chef Cristina to the BFF family

It has been a pleasure to get to know Cristina and her family.  She has a beautiful spirit and is one of the sweetest moms you will meet. Its a win-win to be able to work with a fellow military spouse and start bringing you recipes that your family will love.  Make sure to share all your questions and recommendations with us and please give Farm Chef Cristina a warm BFF welcome.



Chef Cristina has always loved the culinary arts, a talent she inherited from her grandmother and mother.
While Chef Cristina initially went to college for accounting, she quickly decided that she had to pursue what she was naturally gifted at.
She knew the work would be hard, but she felt she couldn’t lose at doing something she loved. 
Armed with determination and passion, she went on and enrolled at the Art Institute of San Diego in the culinary program. Soon after, Chef Cristina graduated with a degree in culinary arts. After graduation, she worked as a personal chef for multiple families over the following years.
In 2011 she met her husband and that would change her culinary career forever. In 2016, she and her husband embarked on the biggest adventure of their lives; a duty station overseas in the United kingdom. That gave Chef Cristina the opportunity to travel Europe and experience European cuisine and gave her the opportunity to take multiple culinary workshops that would benefit her education.
While overseas she gave birth to her son and he was the push she needed to open up her own business. Dolce cupcakes was born in 2018; a gourmet dessert business from home. That business gave her the opportunity to do what she loved and still be a full-time mom. She and her family are currently station at Offutt Air force base in Omaha, Nebraska, where she is a military spouse, mom, and Chef.

Intro Video

Want a little bit more?! We taped a short intro video for you. Enjoy!


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