Update on Washington County Meat Retail Sales...Caution for beginning farmers. ⚠️

Update on Washington County Meat Retail Sales...Caution for beginning farmers. ⚠️
Update on Washington County Meat Retail Sales...Caution for beginning farmers. ⚠️
Here is the update and caution.
The county board said that it is illegal for any farmer in Washington County to sell meat from their farm. Yes, this includes that it is illegal for you to come to the farm to pick up your orders or to purchase meat from us when you are out at the farm for classes and events. **If you're new to the issues with WA County you can watch an update on our YouTube Channel. https://youtu.be/0rrAvbAMb60
The board members were very informative on what they want and don't want for their county. Here is a quick overview.
1. They believe that farmers need a minimum of 1K acres in order to have any rights. The board member said that if they change the minimum to 1K acres that will get rid of all these problems (small farmers).
2.They believe no farmer, living on a dirt road, should be allowed to sell anything from their property. Not a squash, watermelon, meat, nothing.
3.They believe that you the consumer, should only use a butcher or a store. They believe that it is a waste of time and resources for you to use a "middle man" (farmer).
4.They said that Barreras Family Farm's vision for our farm, our family, our community, and agriculture is too big and not a good fit for their county.
In the end our take away is that they are scared of change. They are stuck in a comfortable pattern and not willing to work together to make positive impacts for agricultural growth in their county.
You can get a copy of the board meeting records and listen for yourself. Contact the Washington County zoning office and request recordings from April 7th, May 5th, and May 24th.
What does this mean for our farm. GROWTH!!
I firmly believe that growth and success ONLY come when an individual, family, or community can pivot and change. Change is often scary but that leap of faith and collaboration with others is when true growth happens!
So, we are going to set an example. We are NOT going to diminish our vision for our farm, family, community or agriculture. We are going to pivot to do something scary, take a leap of faith, and change. So make sure to stay tuned because we are going to have a HUGE announcement next week and YOU will have the opportunity to be a part of it.
We will continue to bless families with free beef sticks, etc. They can not make it illegal for me to bless everyone that comes to the farm with something. And I know that each of you are going to continue to share our farm with others, you are going to continue to buy beef and pork from us, and you are going to continue to come to farm events and classes.
Thank you for YOUR support of small farmers in Nebraska. We appreciate each of you!
Anthony, Mariel & Kids
"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway". -John Wayne


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