The Beauty of Farming in Alaska

The Beauty of Farming in Alaska
The Beauty of Farming in Alaska

Anthony and I met in Alaska and with his fast approaching retirement we both felt it was fitting to give into our longing to return to the state that holds our hearts. This trip was both for pleasure and for business. We enjoyed our old stomping grounds, spent hours reconnecting with friends, and enjoyed many new beautiful trails and attractions.

When we landed in Fairbanks its was 20 degrees with a fresh dusting of 4inches of snow. BEAUTIFUL!

We basked in the balmy weather, enjoyed acclimating to driving on ice and snow again and set off to enjoy some time alone. No kids. No farm. Just quiet solitude, rushing waters, and sweeping mountains. We were completely engulfed by raw nature and a sense of freedom. Freedom to dream without limits. Freedom that wells up from the very depths of the soul and sends chills of excitement to every fiber of your being. This…this is what we have been longing for.

After a few days of quiet, laughter, and adventure we got down to work. The farm followed us to this beautiful state as we talked with local farmers on raising bees, making soap, selling our jerky in local stores, and other possibilities for the future. We spent most of our time beginning to build relationships with other businesses and farmers in the Fairbanks area.

There is a great need in Alaska for beef, pork, goat, and lamb. Meat shortages brought on by Covid affected the state, possibly more than here in the lower 48 both because of the land-locked nature of Alaska and the EXTREMELY limited butcher facilities currently available.

There are a number of possibilities that our farm is looking at expanding into but we are waiting, praying, and researching where and how God wants us to expand some of our current farming operation or expand into new ventures that align with our current farm. Anyone want to be a partner in taking over a butcher shop?

For now we wait and work to continue to support Nebraska and Kansas with premium beef and pork. And some day maybe your family will be able to take a family vacation to the Last Frontier and visit a small section of our farm there also.

Anthony, Mariel & Kids

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