Prayers for Isabella

Prayers for Isabella
Prayers for Isabella

I have been silent these past few weeks focusing on praying for Isabella and her family.  I've gotten permission from mom to share this opportunity for each of you to stand with us and pray and praise Jesus for this miracle. ❤️ There is also a GoFund me set up for Isabella and her family if you are moved to support in this way also. 

Isabella is 11 years old and goes to school with my 11 year old son, Trevor. She has also been out to our farm for our summer camps. She wants to be a farmer when she grows up and loves all animals.


Isabella shooting a bow at last years summer camp. She was aiming to take out a paper skunk that she had drawn.

Adventure Camp 2021, morning session. Isabella, front row left and my son Trevor, back row left.


❤️ I am asking each of you to stand with us and praise Jesus for this miracle as we watch full recovery come to Isabella.❤️

In January Isabella was complaining of headaches. These headaches got so bad that she often threw up.  Doctors told mom that it was probably Covid, or maybe puberty, or possibly a simple viral infection. Even when Maria asked many times for a MRI, because something didn't feel right to her, they never ran one and just sent Isabella home.

In March Isabella collapsed at home with a seizure. After getting to the hospital, still seizing, an MRI was ran and an aneurysm was found. Since March we have been praying for Isabella and believing God for a full health.

Here is the progression of prayers and answers to prayer!

March 23th, Emergency surgery for a brain bleed.  Today she was out of surgery, but in Intensive Care being monitored for more bleeding.

March 28th, Very critical condition in the intensive care unit for bleeding and swelling in her brain.

March 31, The doctors say Isabella is doing better than Monday.  They will slowly be weaning her off of medications and sedation.  Nurses have seen movement on her fingers and toes. The swelling on her face is reducing. Her recent CT scan showed no additional seizures. We are praising the Lord with hearing this good news!

April 4, Fever, infection, and danger of stroke. Isaiah 54:17, No weapon formed against Isabella can prosper. 

April 11, Please continue to pray that she can breathe on her own and that there will be no cause of pressure in her brain.

April 22nd, Isabella had a second surgery to place a shunt in her brain to help with drainage. Since the shunt has been placed, Isabella has slowly started to improve with less swelling in her brain. She had a setback on her responses and only moves when she is in immense pain.  She is currently experiencing episodes of neurostorms, which include high fevers, rapid heart rate and muscle stiffness. This has been very hard, not only for her family, but for Isabella as her small body is exhausted trying to endure through the surgery & pain.  

April 26, Today was a day of great blessings! Isabella had her therapies, she was able to raise her arms to hug her dad, her legs were able to move well, she was awake from 1:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Right now she is peacefully sleeping. Also, during that time she had NO neurostorms.

April 27, They removed the last IVs she had. Also, this weekend she will be transferred to Madona. Thank you for continuing to pray. Please pray that Isabella continues to have the strength for her therapies, pray for the medical team.

Our Lord is faithful and full of mercy ❤️

April 29, Isabella will start her therapies, next week, she still experiences the neuro storms. Sometimes are very bad. But I keep praying the way you encouraged me. 

🙏🏽 Farm Family, this is were we need YOU. Pray with us and speak life into Isabella. Stand on God's promises and help kick satan's butt with words of life and praise.  Our God is the miracle worker who turns everything satan meant for evil to good. 🙏🏽

Here is the prayer I texted Maria (Isabella's mom this morning).

No weapon formed against your daughter can prosper. Jesus said she is a child of His and He came that she might have life and a full prosperous life!

I will be fasting to stand with you against these Nero storms.

Jesus I praise you for your love and your faithfulness. Your promises are true and together I stand with Isabella’s mom and dad on the truth of your Word.

In the name of Jesus Isabella has a clear sound mind, and is able to rest.

Nero storms in Jesus name, stop. Leave this little girls body.

Holy spirit flood her room with peace and love. restore her body to fullness of life. I praise you Father, maker of heavens and the earth, your might hand, majestic is your name in all the earth.

Resort strength to this family as they continue to stand on your Word. Give them courage as they growth their faith in You. Remind them that they are never alone. You never leave them or forsake them and you have given them friends to stand with them and glorify your name.

We wait, praises on our lips, with excitement! And expectation! To see beautiful Isabella completely healed. I praise your mighty name Jesus. Amen 💕

Please continue to pray for Isabella!  Here are some specific prayers the family is asking for:
  • God to give Isabella supernatural strength to endure through time of healing
  • Neurostorms to stop and no complications.
  • Positive recovery with no setbacks.

In addition to our prayers, you can support Isabella's family through your generous giving financially HERE and through providing meals for their family HERE.

Thank you friends for your love. ❤️ 

Anthony, Mariel, and Kids.


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