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New Location & Update on Matthew’s Healing

New Location & Update on Matthew’s Healing
New Location & Update on Matthew’s Healing

Finally we are ready for visitors at the new farm location in Blair, NE. If you are used to coming to our old farm, we are now only 10 short minutes North of that location, right off of Hwy 133. The animals are still in temporary shelters since we don’t have access to much of the property until after the fall harvest but we have been busy cleaning up lots of trash, building tee-pees, cutting trails, putting up tire obstacles, and more! One of our major projects has been finishing the temporary farm office.  Electrical, water, setting up all the fridges and freezers, only thing left is putting down tile on the floor and sewing curtains!

This year we have the following dates open for your schools and homeschool groups. We also have an exciting free volunteer opportunity and Family Day! If you are interested in having your group come out, call our office or send us a FB message. Group tours are 45min and include time with all the animals and hiking out to the pond. Your group is also welcome to bring a snack or lunch and enjoy use of the picnic tables. Group tours are by reservation only so that we are not overbooked.


Thurs Oct 4th, 2-6pm

Saturday Oct 6th, 9-12am

Thurs Oct 11th, *Volunteer Day 11-1pm, open for groups 2-6pm

Friday Oct 12th, 9-6pm

Saturday Oct 13th, **Family Day 10-6pm

Saturday Oct 27th, 10-6pm

Monday Oct 29th, 2-6pm

*Volunteer Day- Free event for any groups or families. Our family has been working feverishly to clean up all the trash on the property. Although most of the big stuff is done there are still too many beer cans and stray wires. This volunteer day we will be walking with you through the pastures and woods, cleaning up as much trash as we can find. We will have prizes for the most beer cans collected, coolest “treasure” found (lots of antique tractor parts we plan to refurbish), and more! Come and clean from 11-1, bring a sack lunch and enjoy spending time with friends and family at the pond. We will provide all the trash bags. Just bring a pair of work gloves and boots.

**Family Day – Most of this month is for groups of 10+ but our Family Day is for any size family.


Three weeks ago Matthew fell on an upside down tomato cage, the spear punctured his eye and caused bleeding in his brain.  After five days at Children’s Hospital, two CAT scans, two MRIs, and lots and lots of doctors we were able to bring him home.There are lots of little details but i’ll hit the main ones because watching God move has been amazing.When Matthew was released from the hospital he couldn’t walk and had no sight or movement in his eye.  We were told that his Optic Nerve had been severed.  There was swelling in the back of his eye and bleeding in the brain.  They put him on steroids to help with the swelling.  We put him on vitamins.  And above all we stood on God’s Word.Standing on the Word started as soon as the accident happened.  His promises poured out of my mouth.  I sent a quick text to a friend with “Pray for Matthew NOW, headed to ER” who responded in like of standing on His promises.  Someone asked me a couple weeks later if I was scared.  No, fear is not allowed.  Fear is death. Pastor always talks about the importance of being grounded in the Word daily.  It is true, confidence comes from knowing who God is and knowing who He says we are as His children.  His love casts out all fear and gave me the confidence to stand firm for our son. Remember that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10: 34) and He never changes (Mal. 3:6). So what He said/did years ago in the Bible, He is saying to you today.God’s word is God speaking to me and you.  It is His love letter and instruction manual for our lives.

The first couple of weeks were full of doctor appointments.  Matthew started walking (still needing assistance) within two days of being home. One week after, the eye specialist gave him an exam and almost started to cry, she was so excited.  Matthew went from no sight and no movement of the eye to some sight.  She refereed him to the best Ophthalmologist in Omaha. While we waited for insurance to approve that referral we began seeing a physical therapist and occupational therapist.  At two weeks out of the hospital Matthew was unable to stand on one leg without assistance and was unable to jump.Thank goodness for the Avenger movies!  Matthew knows Jesus loves him and he knows that God created him but he started to feel discouraged and needed a weapon.  So he was encouraged by two main things.  One, that Thor had an eye patch and Two, that he could use his words to kick satan’s butt just like all the Avengers had super powers.  So Matthew started saying “Thank you Jesus, I am healed!” every time satan tried/tries to make him feel bad.Finally the insurance approved the referral and last week we met with the best Ophthalmologist in the area.  He had different news.  I’m not sure if we were told incorrect information by the multiple past doctors or if something miraculously changed.  Does it really matter?  God is good.

This doctor did the most extensive exam ever!  Technology and science are amazing things.  He said that the spear didn’t sever but only nicked Matthew’s Optic Never and couldn’t have gone through at a more perfect location.  There was still slight swelling around the nerves going to the Optic but that those heal and regenerate with time.  He was extremely impressed with the healing we had seen so quickly. And stated a number of times that Matthews progress was “unnatural”.  Yes, the eye is still fully dilated and the eye lid isn’t quite working yet but there is some movement of the eye that the Dr. never expected and when he shined a very very bright light into the eye there was dilated change.  Now according to the doctor we need to “wait and pray”.

This week Matthew has been perfectly normal in his running, jumping and playing.  The brain scans show that the brain bleeding has stopped and there is no clotting.  The OT and PT departments at Children’s said they don’t want to see  him for another three weeks because he is moving along so quickly. We are continuing to have him take vitamins and nap every day on top of the eye exercises and scripture exercises. And will keep everyone posted on the manifestation of his full healing.

Love, Mariel


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