Miracle Monday: Punctured Eye, Severed Optic Nerve….Blindness Completely Healed

Miracle Monday: Punctured Eye, Severed Optic Nerve….Blindness Completely Healed
Miracle Monday: Punctured Eye, Severed Optic Nerve….Blindness Completely Healed

Your comments and feedback shared via email and FB messenger have been amazing.  Thank you for sharing your prayer requests and praise reports.  This really is one big family. ❤️

As I was praying about which miracle Jesus wanted me to share today our son Matthew kept coming to my mind.  For those of you who have been following our farm for awhile you may remember the story and our last update on his miracle in a blog post in October of 2018.

A new farm, no home and the accident.

In August of 2018 our family bought the farm property in Blair and moved from a 10 acre hobby farm to a real, 70 acre farm complete with natural springs, a pond, pastures, and a few small shelters. It however did not have a house.  Anthony PCS’d to Kansas in July leaving the kids and I to live in our 400 square foot travel trailer (with no running water, no toilet, no shower, and no way to cook food for a family of 9 but…that is another story). We didn’t have any place to store our household goods on the farm so ended up renting storage in Omaha.  We did move our lawn and gardening equipment along with the animals we had to the farm.  Since there were no real shelters for the animals we were VERY VERY busy putting the animals up in temporary shelters.  This meant that other equipment got moved on and haphazardly placed in different spots on the farm.

Always listen to that still small voice

Tomato cages. Those circular metal rings that support the tomato plants as they grow and have really long spikes on the bottom that you stick into the ground. Well, those didn’t need to go into what little shelter space there was on the property so they were left out next to the driveway on a side of a hill.  While we were trying to make do living in such tight quarters, with no way to clean up and in the rainy season of Nebraska I often walked past those tomato cages and heard the Holy Spirit tell me to move them.  But, I always said, later. There were of course other priorities.  I should have listened. Always obey the Holy Spirit, always.

Anthony drove up almost every weekend to spend time helping us get moved in.  This particular weekend we had ordered Little Caesars Pizza and were getting ready to watch a video in the camper.  It had been a really restful day and we were all excited to just take a moment to decompress.  Matthew (age 6 at the time) who is always one of the first to volunteer to help the family, jumped up to take the pizza boxes out to the trash….down the hill, next to the tomato cages. Anthony and I walked out of the camper with him, to tidy up other things.

All of a sudden there was a blood curdling scream. 

In the few moments it took me to move to the other side of the trailer, Matthew had made his way back up the small hill and was standing, holding a hand over his eye. He swayed, said he didn’t feel good, threw up, and collapsed unconscious.

I am a mom built for action because I am grounded in God’s Word.

Within seconds I had Matthew in my arms, instructed Anthony to drive to Children’s hospital, told the oldest boys to put on a movie and keep everyone inside. We jumped in the car and the ONLY words out of my mouth were scripture and praying in my prayer language. Jesus is very clear that our words are Life & Death.  All words are Life & Death. My son’s life depended on my words.

I sent a quick text to an amazing friend, to pray.  She also is a prayer warrior who only stands on scripture.  No one else was called.  I am very careful who I have pray for me and my family.  Because I want life to pour from my prayers and the prayers of others. Not everyone prays with life filled words.

Fear can go straight to hell where it belongs

One question I get asked often is about how scared I was.  But I wasn’t. Not at all.  The bible is very very clear that fear is death and death is only from satan.  Jesus is life, and life to the fullest and He alone casts out all fear.  So no, I am thankful for being grounded everyday in His word because when Matthew needed me I was strong, full of courage, and ready to tell fear to go to hell where it belongs.

Here is an excerpt from the original post.

“Standing on the Word started as soon as the accident happened.  His promises poured out of my mouth.  I sent a quick text to a friend with “Pray for Matthew NOW, headed to ER” who responded in like of standing on His promises.  Someone asked me a couple weeks later if I was scared.  No, fear is not allowed.  Fear is death. Pastor always talks about the importance of being grounded in the Word daily.  It is true, confidence comes from knowing who God is and knowing who He says we are as His children.  His love casts out all fear and gave me the confidence to stand firm for our son. Remember that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10: 34) and He never changes (Mal. 3:6). So what He said/did years ago in the Bible, He is saying to you today.God’s word is God speaking to me and you.  It is His love letter and instruction manual for our lives.”

“Unnatural” (excerpt from blog update October 2018)

The first couple of weeks were full of doctor appointments.  Matthew started walking (still needing assistance) within two days of being home. One week after, the eye specialist gave him an exam and almost started to cry, she was so excited.  Matthew went from no sight and no movement of the eye to some sight.  She refereed him to the best Ophthalmologist in Omaha. While we waited for insurance to approve that referral we began seeing a physical therapist and occupational therapist.  At two weeks out of the hospital Matthew was unable to stand on one leg without assistance and was unable to jump.Thank goodness for the Avenger movies!  Matthew knows Jesus loves him and he knows that God created him but he started to feel discouraged and needed a weapon.  So he was encouraged by two main things.  One, that Thor had an eye patch and Two, that he could use his words to kick satan’s butt just like all the Avengers had super powers.  So Matthew started saying “Thank you Jesus, I am healed!” every time satan tried/tries to make him feel bad.Finally the insurance approved the referral and last week we met with the best Ophthalmologist in the area.  He had different news.  I’m not sure if we were told incorrect information by the multiple past doctors or if something miraculously changed.  Does it really matter?  God is good.

This doctor did the most extensive exam ever!  Technology and science are amazing things.  He said that the spear didn’t sever but only nicked Matthew’s optic nerve and couldn’t have gone through at a more perfect location.  There was still slight swelling around the nerves going to the Optic but that those heal and regenerate with time.  He was extremely impressed with the healing we had seen so quickly. And stated a number of times that Matthews progress was “unnatural”.  Yes, the eye is still fully dilated and the eye lid isn’t quite working yet but there is some movement of the eye that the Dr. never expected and when he shined a very very bright light into the eye there was dilated change.  Now according to the doctor we need to “wait and pray”. I love my Jesus and want everyone to know His love so I had no problem telling the Dr. that we already prayed, God already healed, now we just needed to wait.❤️

This week Matthew has been perfectly normal in his running, jumping and playing.  The brain scans show that the brain bleeding has stopped and there is no clotting.  The OT and PT departments at Children’s said they don’t want to see  him for another three weeks because he is moving along so quickly. We are continuing to have him take vitamins and nap every day on top of the eye exercises and scripture exercises. And will keep everyone posted on the manifestation of his full healing.

Today, Completely Healed

Six months after Matthew’s accident he went for a follow up with the original Dr. in the hospital. She did the full exam and was blown away.  Matthew had full sight and half movement of his eye.  She couldn’t believe it and held herself back from the excitement I could see was in her.  Instead she said she wanted to see him back in another six months.

Another six months, so one year after Matthew’s accident and the Dr. saw him again. This time he had full 20/20 sight and complete movement of his eye.  I did notice that sometimes his eye wouldn’t dilate like the other and I asked her about that.  She said, “His eye is completely healed. Maybe that is so you can share his testimony with anyone who asks”. And that is what we do to this day.

Jesus came so that you may have life and life abundantly. By His stripes [on the cross] you were healed.  If he can do this for my Matthew, He can do it for you.


Be Blessed Friends.

Love,  ❤️


Mariel is a farmer, Army wife, and mother of eight beautiful children.  Most importantly she is a child of the King of Kings. Mariel loves sharing strength and joy withothers.  Follow Mariel both on her personal social channels and via her families farm.


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