Miracle Monday: Placenta Previa, GONE!

Miracle Monday: Placenta Previa, GONE!
Miracle Monday: Placenta Previa, GONE!

Have you ever waited for a miracle?

Not the waiting because you don’t think it will happen but the waiting because you know it WILL but you don’t know when.

That waiting.

Right now I am waiting for two very big miracles and while I wait I find myself joyfully praising Him for past miracles.  God is SO good and nothing is impossible for Him.

Yes, this isn’t specifically “farm” related but it is “family” related and since you are apart of the family it is wonderful for you to be able to share and rejoice with us as we wait.  So for now, every Monday is going to be Miracle Monday and I am going to share miracles that we have had in our family or other stories of miracles from people we know.

I hope this miracle brings you joy.

Hope & Joy

Recently a friend and I were chatting about childbirth.  She is pregnant with her first and very excited for a natural childbirth.  Like me she is doing the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth.  In the conversation she said she hopes this all goes well, because she really wants this.

That made me pause.

No, she didn’t say anything wrong. But I felt she needed encouragement and I had the most exciting story to share with her….


Sexy, Strong, Powerful

I LOVE natural childbirth.❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

7 months pregnant

Honestly it makes me feel sexy, strong, powerful, and connected like nothing else to my baby. God knows how much of a desire it is of mine.

I had 5 successful births (boys). When I got pregnant with baby 6 while stationed in CA. We were so VERY EXCITED! But at the 20week ultrasound the Doctor said I had Placenta Previa. This is when the placenta attaches near or directly to the cervix.  For me, it was directly attached to the cervix. He was a good Doctor. He told me I had no choice but to have a C-section. He sent me home with the pictures and no hope.

I was devastated. 😭

And angry.

Not at God, but at satan.  I was ANGRY! 😡

There was NO way satan was going to steal this dream of mine. NO WAY. I looked up scripture for healing and talked nothing but how I was going to have another natural vaginal birth. I avoided Drs, family, and friends who I couldn’t trust to believe because I didn’t want to deal with their negative doubt and unbelievable. Then we got orders to move (we always move while I’m pregnant!). I was 7 months pregnant and we PCS’d to Nebraska.

I knew I needed to find someone for the birth, time was running out. Moving with a small farm and 5 children is quite an adventure! Plus we never stopped using movers, instead we did full DITY moves. (This is when we move ourself and try to make money from the move. If the Army is going to pay someone for the work, we wanted it to be us).

I researched Google and found a few midwives.  I stopped

Colton 34wks

telling them anything on the phone, after they all said no and wouldn’t even see me. I finally got in to see 2 midwife’s. They each looked, took new ultrasounds and said I had Placenta Previa and they would not work with me.

I went to 2 doctors and they said the same thing. I had Placenta Previa. Even when I mentioned, timidly, that my Jesus would move my baby they both told me that would kill the baby and probably me. They said that I needed to stop being foolish and prep for a C-section.

I left the 4th doctor and never felt so alone. 😭

Alone, at a new duty station with no one. I sat in the car and cried. I KNEW Jesus would move my baby! How could I find someone who believed with me? I called a dear friend who was stationed in SC and she told me, go to one more. (Thank you Shannon K. Your love, even separated by miles, ment the world to me). ❤️

I did.

I prayed leading up to that appointment. I was excited, at peace, I KNEW my God would move my Colton!

The Dr walked in, said the normal nice to meet you things and then said, “so what are we going to do today?”

I remember like it was yesterday my words, and her smile. I told her, “I am a Christian, they have told me I have Placenta Previa but I know my God will move my baby, I know He will let me have this baby naturally, so I just want you to know who you are working with.”

I was excited and smiled, laughing at myself for so BOLDLY telling her my expectations.😆

She smiled, surprised and joyful. Said she was a Christian too and believed in miracles so to give her a minute to get the ultrasound machine and let’s see where that baby had moved to.

Only a few moments after Colton was born (yes, his brothers were there for it all).

I was SO excited while I waited!!! I felt peace in the room. The Holy Spirit was with me and probably an angel or two. I could feel that I wasn’t alone. Finally a doctor was on my and my babies side. Then she did the ultrasound…

He had moved!

Colton was off of my cervix, way off!

Right there, laying on the table with the cold gel on my belly I out-loud nearly shouted in a choked love, joy, tear filled emotion, “Praise Jesus!”

She went and got another Dr. from the office to look and he agreed and said there must be a problem with the past ultrasounds because this baby was perfect and I could have my natural birth.

I cried.

I cried joyful, amazed, tears of love. A simple thing, Jesus gave me. A simple joy that was so special to me. Where everyone kept telling me to just give in, to make other plans, to change my heart and get over it. NO. I believed that Jesus’ Word is true and that He loves me, my babies, and wants to take care of me.  He really does want to give me the desires of my heart.

My faith was honored with His love. And my Colton is the sweetest, now 7 yr old ever.

Praise Jesus for your dreams. He really does love giving us the desires of our hearts. ❤️

Mariel is a farmer, Army wife, and mother of eight beautiful children.  Most importantly she is a child of the King of Kings. Mariel loves sharing strength and joy withothers.  Follow Mariel both on her personal social channels and via her families farm.

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  • Trish Phillips : January 12, 2023
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    I read your post about Placenta Previa. My Son and Daughter in Law have been married for 15 years. They were told early on that they couldn’t have children. Neither Son nor Daughter in Law are born again. We’ve been praying for years that they would come to believe in Christ. Recently we found out that they are pregnant. She’s been diagnosed with placenta previa. Please pray for salvation of these 2. And that their miracle baby can be born. Please pray for her healing of placenta previa. Thank you

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