Faith, Family & Farming

Faith, Family & Farming
Faith, Family & Farming

God’s timing and path is always perfect but sometimes it is difficult to remember that He is writing a story in each of our lives.

A friend recently shared tears because they are moving again and her oldest, about the same age as my second, is really struggling. My heart was breaking for her and her kiddos and I began to wonder, no more like worry, how all our family changes are affecting each of my children.

I tend to worry, and over think, so the best thing for me is to pray, all day, through the day and get my mind off of figuring it out myself. So continually during that busy day of school, farm chores, meat deliveries, and after school activities I lifted each of my kiddos up in prayer. Thanking Jesus for the story He is writing in in their lives, and thanking Him for drawing them closer to Him. I kept forcing myself not to worry that all of our moves, and our hard lifestyle was robbing them of friendships and experiences and forced myself to trust.

Who is listening? Out of the blue thoughts from my teenager.

As my oldest son was cleaning up the kitchen and everyone else was getting ready for bed, out of the blue he said, “You know mom, I love moving because I get to meet so many more people than if we just stayed in one spot. But you know what I hate about moving? I hate that every new house has a bathroom in a different spot and that I have to figure out how to get to each new bathroom in the dark. Just last night I was trying to find my way and couldn’t remember if we were at the Irwin house, or Kansas house, or what.”

At the same time I was trying to suppress my laughter I was praising the Lord. Why do I ever doubt that He is listening?

I know as each child grows and their personal seasons of life change they will need different things and face different challenges. But maybe, the fact that they have so many siblings, maybe because we homeschool, maybe the hard choices and sacrifices for the farm and our finances and our dreams are not hurting them. Maybe (probably!) God is using our families life to complete each of their different stories.

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