Rent-a-Chickā„¢ Educational Program

Rent-a-Chickā„¢ Educational Program
Rent-a-Chickā„¢ Educational Program

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Farm life at home with our Omaha area Rent-A-Chickā„¢ farming education program.

  • 1 Week Program
  • 2 baby chicks
  • Priceless family memories


***Currently Spring Only!

Our Omaha area Rent-a-Chickā„¢ farming education program teaches families about farm life by caring for two chicks; learning how to feed, water, exercise, and love on little critters that are completely dependent on them. In exchange your family is teaching the baby chicks how to interact with humans.

After our one-week Omaha farming education program, the chicks are returned to the safety of our farm and grow into our pastured egg layer hens. Kids are encouraged to name their chicks and come back to check on them. In addition we give each family a certificate for a free dozen eggs which their chicks will begin to lay in the fall.

To ENSURE chicks are little we have two SEPARATE batches. This will elevate them being too big and wanting to fly out of their tote.

Saturday APRIL 1st -8th

At check out you will choose what time you want to pick up your Omaha area Rent-a-Chickā„¢ chicks.Ā  Because of the number of families in the program you MAY NOT CHANGE your pick-up time after April 1st. Each family MUST stay for a 20minute health and safety class at time of pick up. This is when we give you all the instructions necessary for helping your chicks thrive in your care. Please plan for 1 hour to fill out paperwork, take the short class, and pick out your chicks.


****Our program is trademarked and copyrighted. Please honor our hard work and call us if you would like information on using our program on your farm or university.****