Paw Paw- North American Mango

Our family braved the chest high stinging nettle, poison ivy, and mosquitoes this past Sunday after church to trudge deep into the Nebraska forest and harvest Paw Paws.


What is a Pawpaw?
The pawpaw is a tropical-like fruit native to the forest fringes of the Midwest and parts of the South. The fruit looks a little like a mango, with large, brown seeds surrounded by a lemon yellow, creamy flesh the consistency of a firm custard. The pawpaw has a tropical flavor, which is often described as a combination of mango, pineapple, and banana.

Most enthusiasts agree that the best way to enjoy  a pawpaw is to eat them raw after they are picked and are perfectly ripe. A perfectly ripe pawpaw will be soft to the touch. The skin may be green, yellowish-green, or even brownish and bruised looking. As long as the outside is soft to the touch, your pawpaw is ready to eat. A ripe pawpaw will only last a few days at room temperature, but you can store them in the refrigerator for up to a week after they are picked.

pawpaw2The flesh of the pawpaw will be a beautiful lemon yellow to orange-yellow color. You just slice them open the long way and use a spoon to scoop out the yellow pulp. Never eat the skin or seeds. The pawpaw pulp can also be used in ice-cream, breads, muffins, smoothies, and sauces. There are many recipes online, and we will send you a few pawpaw recipes with your order.

Think you might want to try these tropical treats?!  The harvest is limited so order yours soon.  We also sell the seeds so you and your kiddos can enjoy planting a Paw Paw tree of your very own.   Hurry, Order Before We are Sold Out!

Nutritional Information

In comparison with banana, apple, and orange, pawpaws have a higher protein and fat content. Banana exceeds pawpaw in food energy and carbohydrate content. There is little difference among these fruits in dietary fiber content. Pawpaw is most similar to banana in overall composition. Apple is especially low in protein, orange is low in fat, and both are lower than pawpaw or banana in food energy. See Table 2 and Table 3 for details.


Pawpaw has three times as much vitamin C as apple, twice as much as banana, and one third as much as orange. Pawpaw has six times as much riboflavin as apple, and twice as much as orange. Niacin content of pawpaw is twice as high as banana, fourteen times as high as apple, and four times as high as orange. See Table 2 and Table 3 for details.


Pawpaw and banana are both high in potassium, having about twice as much as orange and three times as much as apple. Pawpaw has one and a half times as much calcium as orange, and about ten times as much as banana or apple. Pawpaw has two to seven times as much phosphorus, four to twenty times as much magnesium, twenty to seventy times as much iron, five to twenty times as much zinc, five to twelve times as much copper, and sixteen to one hundred times as much manganese, as do banana, apple, or orange. See Table 2 and Table 3 for details. Sodium content has not yet been determined.

Amino acids

The protein in pawpaw contains all of the essential amino acids. Pawpaw exceeds apple in all of the essential amino acids, and it exceeds or equals banana and orange in most of them. See Table 2 and Table 3 for details.


The profile of fatty acids in pawpaw is preferable to that in banana. Pawpaw has 32% saturated, 40% monounsaturated, and 28% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Banana has 52% saturated, 15% monounsaturated, and 34% polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The nutrients are also known for fighting cancer cells. Cancer Fighting Agents

So what can you do with a Paw Paw fruit?!  What can you do with a banana or mango?  Cookies, popsicles, and other sweet deserts come to mind as well as making breakfast smoothies and adding to a steaming bowl of oatmeal.


NPR article and Ice Cream Recipe

Kentucky State University Recipes

7 Was to use and preserve your Paw Paws

Paw Paw and Coconut popsicles

Think you might want to try these tropical treats?!  The harvest is limited so order yours soon.  We also sell the seeds so you and your kiddos can enjoy planting a Paw Paw tree of your very own.   Hurry, Order Before We are Sold Out!

Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Friday May 12th 2017

Military spouses are known by those that have and do serve, as the foundation for a strong military family. This foundation allows the service member to focus on the task-at-hand, to accomplish the mission. The military spouse provides the glue and often the energy to keep the family moving forward; pets and kids wrangled during the many moves and the support after a long day at the office, field exercise or deployment.

As much as we as service members rely on our spouses a simple thank you, hug or otherphoto compliment never seems to fit the bill. That is why President Reagan enacted Proclamation 5184 on 17 April 1984 to recognize the importance of the military spouse and their unwavering dedication to family, their spouse, and commitment to service. Congress officially made Military Spouse Appreciation Day part of National Military Appreciation Month in 1999 and the standardized date of the Friday before Mother’s Day every year by the Department of Defense.

Our military spouses may not wear the uniform but it is with their undying support that we are able to fully dedicate ourselves to the profession of arms at home and abroad.

I will admit that when I think of special days in May, the first thing that comes to mind is Cinco De Mayo, just kidding, it would be Mother’s Day. Mariel is an amazing woman who takes care of us and teaches our kids via homeschooling and manages the operation of a non-profit organization, HSAMF. However, what makes me the proudest is what an amazing mother she is and for that Mother’s Day comes to mind first.

With that being said she is so much more than a mother, she is a friend and mentor to other military spouses, willing to drop everything to take care of another family. Military Spouse Appreciation Day recognizes the million other things our spouses do to support us, the service member, come rain or shine, multiple deployments, constant moves, missed holidays, missed birthdays and all the days when they must be both parents.

We at the Barreras Family Farm, being a veteran established farm, wanted to show the Military Spouses their contributions are appreciated by hosting an event at the farm that focuses on the family. It may not be a day at the spa but our hope is that you will walk away knowing we thank you for your service and dedication to our country and our service members.

-Anthony Barreras


Thank You Chick Families

Thank you everyone who participated in our Rent-a-Chick educational program this year.  You did such a good job taking care of our baby chicks and they are continuing to grow strong and healthy.

I hope you enjoy this short video of some of the outstanding chick mom and dads.  Can’t wait to have you come back to the farm this summer to watch your chicks grow.


Mariel Barreras

(Permission for use of photos has been obtained by all parents and Eve Thrasher Photography.  Only names of chicks are used, not children.)

New Face

The Story of Our Logo

We are often asked how we came up with our logo, specifically what the significance of the Bear is. Most connect the Bear with Barreras, which undoubtedly fits the bill and is easy to associate the image of the Bear with our family name. But for us the Bear has a deeper meaning, tracing back to the very beginning of what is now the Barreras Family Farm.

Mariel and I met in Fairbanks, Alaska where much of our free time was filled with fishing, riding ATVs, and hunting, especially for spring Black Bear. Yes, our very first official dates were spent hunting spring Black Bear surrounded by mosquitos the size of birds, plenty of bear around the bait station, and on occasion a surprise bear standing right next to our ATVs. That is a story you will need to ask Mariel about during your visit.

It was during these early adventures we learned about each other’s dreams. One of our shared dreams was to have a big family. With six wonderful boys and a beautiful princess I think we have fulfilled this dream. The second was a place to leave a lasting legacy for our children, a place to share our joys and experiences with the community around us. We are creating a farm where families and children can fulfill their dreams of living a farm life if for only an afternoon. The Bear represents the beginning of our family, our farm, and the dreams of those around us.

-Anthony Barreras


Logo Design

We have had the pleasure to work with a ConstanceCurrenttalented local designer, Constance Current. Constance has been a graphic designer and chalkboard artist for Whole Foods Market for the past five years. About three years ago, she started working as a freelance designer for local businesses. She specialize in logo design, product label design, and hand-drawn lettering and illustration. You can follow her and her work on Instagram @cmcurrent and contact her about your design needs at!

Goats & Kids? or….Kids and Kids?

colton and baby goatBabies are being born and I am trying to be patient waiting for the other cute, long legged, noisy little ones to arrive.  Our family is so excited to share the opportunity with all of you to come and feed, pet, snuggle and hold these amazing little creatures.  I’m hoping for warmer weather so we can give everyone a bath before your arrival but…the beautiful warm weather of February might be at bay for awhile.

I don’t want anyone to miss out on field trip opportunities so I’ll update the available days/times often.  If you are interested in attending call or email us right away.  Here is a link to current available dates/times. Your reservations are confirmed once payment is received.

Cost is $5 per person at the farm. Children 2 and under are free.

Reservation requests can be made via phone or email. An invoice will be emailed to you via PayPal at time of request. Once payment is received your date will be reserved. If a cancellation is received 48 hours prior to your reserved date, a full refund will be given (minus transaction fees). If the cancellation is received after 48 hours from your reserved date no refund will be given.

Our farm is located 4 miles north of Lake Cunningham off of Dutch Hall Rd. We are approximately 30 minutes from Offutt AFB. Directions will be emailed to you after reservations are confirmed.

Our farm is the only certified “Home Grown by Heroes” farm in Omaha, Nebraska. We provide pasture raised broiler chickens, pasture raised eggs, raw goats milk, goat milk soap, and the only spring Rent-a-Chick education program.

Please make sure to come in farm appropriate attire. Although we strive to keep things “clean” this is a working farm and can be dirty. Hand sanitizer is provided in the barn along with water from the hose. You are welcome to use the bathroom in our house as we do not have one separate for the business.

To reserve your day/time we need the following information: Name, number of people attending, ages of children, requested day/time, contact email and contact phone number.


Fall 2016 Rent-A-Chick

Rent a pair of baby chicks for 2 weeks. They come with a box to live, feed, and instructions. At the end of 2 weeks, return them to the farm to live with the other chickens in our flock.

When you return your chicks, you will receive a certificate for a dozen eggs, which your chicks will start to lay in the spring.

During pick up times children will be given instructions on how to care for their chicks.

Email the farm for a reservation form.  Chicks are limited.


Come and Join Us

IMG_4325Farm events have been updated for 2016. (See full details on our Farm Event Page)

We want to share our experiences with others and offer a variety of educational activities to both families and school groups. School and Homeschool groups are welcome.  We work with teachers and group leaders to pick days that work for your group and the farm.

Event Fees:

  • Each event is $5 per person (children 2 and under are free).
  • School and Homeschool groups receive a discount; $3 per person with first two teachers/parent leaders free.

Some of our events include:

Rent-a-Chick Program

Chickens; Eggs and Meat

Planting Time

Mulberry Picking!

Sustainable Farming

Harvest Party


* Subject to change based on weather

*Always remember this is a working farm and although we work to keep things clean…there is always mud and poop.  Wear appropriate shoes and clothes if going on nature walks.

A week…Rrrr…month in photos

With so much happening on the farm, the boys prepping for end of year testing, and crazy life in general with 6 boys here is a compilation of photos (taken sometime this past month).

With the beautiful warm weather everyone was out working. Chickens ventured to the back pasture in search of new bugs and the little ones and I cleaned the barn…again. 🙂

The older boys built me a new chicken tractor.  The best thing about a new year is trying out new methods to make things easier for us when working and still keeping in line with sustainable farming practices.

Even with all the work came ALOT of play!  New chicks hatched and our Rent-A-Chick program started.  The boys are a huge help when teaching the health and safety class at schools or for families picking up from the farm.  Thank you to everyone who shared these pics of their time taking care of the babies.

Our last Rent-A-Chick program for this year starts the first week of April!  So excited to get to share chickens with more families in the Omaha area.

Until the next post.

Blessings from our family to yours.

Deuteronomy 28:8

A New Option in Poultry

Wow, time has flown.  March is finally here! Thank you everyone who had our family in prayer as we traveled to AZ for Anthony’s grandmas funeral.

Bags are not yet unpacked and laundry is stacked up to be washed but I wanted to share an exciting addition to our poultry. We have been able to find a Certified Organic feed for our poultry birds and are extending the deadline to March 15th for orders.

Here is the difference.

Option 1: Antibiotic Free, No Hormones, Free Range, No Soy Feed, Naturally Grown

Whole Bird $2.80 per pound, Cut Bird $3.10 per pound, Giblets $1.25 (heart, gizzard, liver)


Option 2: Certified Organic Feed, Antibiotic Free, No Hormones, Free Range, Naturally Grownorganic

Whole Bird $3.85 per pound, Cut Bird $4.00 per pound, Giblets $1.25 (heart, gizzard, liver)

We are super busy with the arrival of new egg laying chicks (pics coming soon) so the best way to reach us for a meat bird order form is to e-mail

Enjoy today!

This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24