Paw Paw- North American Mango

Our family braved the chest high stinging nettle, poison ivy, and mosquitos this past Sunday after church to trudge deep into the Nebraska forest and harvest Paw Paws. What is a Pawpaw? The pawpaw is a tropical-like fruit native to the forest fringes of the Midwest and parts of the South. The fruit looks a little … Continue reading Paw Paw- North American Mango

Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Friday May 12th 2017

Military spouses are known by those that have and do serve, as the foundation for a strong military family. This foundation allows the service member to focus on the task-at-hand, to accomplish the mission. The military spouse provides the glue and often the energy to keep the family moving forward; pets and kids wrangled during … Continue reading Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Friday May 12th 2017

Thank You Chick Families Thank you everyone who participated in our Rent-a-Chick educational program this year.  You did such a good job taking care of our baby chicks and they are continuing to grow strong and healthy. I hope you enjoy this short video of some of the outstanding chick mom and dads.  Can't wait to have you … Continue reading Thank You Chick Families

Goats & Kids? or….Kids and Kids?

Babies are being born and I am trying to be patient waiting for the other cute, long legged, noisy little ones to arrive.  Our family is so excited to share the opportunity with all of you to come and feed, pet, snuggle and hold these amazing little creatures.  I'm hoping for warmer weather so we … Continue reading Goats & Kids? or….Kids and Kids?