Pastured Chicken Eggs

With eight children, eggs are a necessity.  Our adventure in chickens came originally from the need to save a bit on the grocery bill.  However, my personal joy for the personalities of the chickens and the beautiful sounds of their purrs (and those of my Roos) quickly expanded our flock and farm intent so that I could share their beauty and bounty with others.

long legs

Our eggs are always fresh and our chickens are ALWAYS allowed to pasture free range. My girls are NOT given any antibiotics or hormones and are spoiled with the best quality feed, fresh fruits, and veggies to supplement their free range diet. They are free fed (no rationing) and have their feed, poultry mineral blocks, oyster shells, and fresh water always available to them. The hens are provided an insulated chicken coop in the winter and a cooled run in the summer. They roam freely on over 70 acres of grassy area to eat all the natural food that is available to them.


In the summer we gather their eggs three times a day – mid morning, mid afternoon, and in the evening right before they start roosting. In the winter during freezing temperatures, their eggs are gathered every couple of hours throughout the day. Fresh bedding is provided every other day. This ensures the eggs remain clean and the chickens comfortable. Our eggs are 100% natural and are washed only in water.

Price of eggs are $5/dozen when bought direct from the farm.  We also make home deliveries for an additional fee.

Our family also supplies eggs to the following locations: *each location sets their own price

No Name Nutrition Market, 72nd St. Omaha

HyVee, Shadow Lake Papillion

Wenninghoff’s, Wenninghoff Rd. Omaha

Wolhner’s Grocery & Deli, 33rd and Dodge

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