Farm Events

We want to share our experiences with others and offer a variety of educational activities for families, churches, school groups and others.

Event Fees:

  • Each event is $5 per person (children 2 and under are free).
  • School, Homeschool, and Scout groups (20+ in group) are welcome with advance reservation

Some of our events include:

Rent-a-Chick Program, This program allows families to rent a pair of baby chicks for timagejpeg_0wo weeks.  Families and classes learn to care for these babies and watch how quickly they grow.  At the end of the two weeks the baby chicks are returned to the farm to join the rest of our flock.  Families are also given a certificate for a free dozen eggs when their chicks start laying in the fall.

Chickens; Eggs and Meat, Come out and learn about chickens from eggs to meat.  We will look at all the different colored eggs on the farm including taking time to look at the differences between fresh day old farm eggs and store bought eggs.  In addition we will spend time talking about the differences between our egg layers and our meat birds.  Children and parents alike will enjoy seeing the poultry in the chicken tractors, learning about predators, and the importance of sustainable farming.

sunflowerPlanting Time, Come out and help us plant in the garden. There are many different kinds of plants, flowers and trees around us. Students will discover, sort, and plant seeds. Students will get to plant in our garden as well as bring home a small planted seed of their own.  Older children are encouraged to record the growth of the seed over time. Students will identify the structures of plants, including seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit. Finally, they will learn how much we depend upon plants by categorizing common plant products found in their home.

Mulberry Picking!, Join us in July and helpIMG_4317 us pick from our Mulberry Trees.  Each child will go home with a container of their own berries and a few recipes to try.

Sustainable Farming, What is it? Come out to the garden  and learn what “sustainable” means. Does it really matter if you get your produce from the local farmers or from the store?  What health benefits are there for your family? Kids will get to see first hand the differences in local produce and every child will go home with something picked fresh from the garden.

Learn How to Milk a Goat, Children and parents alike get to enjoy learning to hand milk one of our ADGA Nubian goats.  Pet and groom the momma goats, play with the babies, and learn the differences between raw, pasteurized, goat, and cow.

Harvest Party, (October) Each year we host a Harvest Party Potluck for all of our customers throughout the year.  Bring a dish to share and enjoy our homemade venison chili. Children will get to play on the farm, pet the animals, enjoy roasting marshmallows, and picking pumpkins.

* Subject to change based on weather

*Always remember this is a working farm and although we work to keep things clean…there is always mud and poop.  Wear appropriate shoes and cloths if going on nature walks.

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