Beef Investor Thank You Letter

Piecing together our next blog on the adventure of our new camping lifestyles but also wanted to share with you a little behind the scenes on one business aspect of our farm.

Farming is a TON of work and also very expensive.  On top of that many people want to be apart of the local, natural food industry but don’t know how.

This year we allowed families to invest in our cattle operation and in return we were able to offer them a choice of a 40%, 28%, or 24% return on their investment.  In today’s market where stocks give a mere 7%-12% return and come with many limitations and required lengths of time, our payback of each investors profit will happen in less than 12 months and with extraordinary returns.

We like to keep full transparency to both our customers, farm friends, and investors so we periodically sent updates throughout this year and thought we would share one such update with all of you.

If you are a beginning farmer or just a farmer looking to build a unique relationship with your community feel free to use this idea.  Ask any questions and tweak what we have started to fit your needs.  If you are an investor looking for higher yields, feel free to contact us for opportunities this coming spring.

Dear (Beef Investor’s Name),

Thank you for your investment in the cattle at Barreras Family Farm, LLC.  We wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the exciting happenings of farm life and how your investment is making a difference in both the growth of these healthy cows and to the families who plan to enjoy their tasty beef.

trevor and taco

This year our herd is 15 strong and in the care of our farm’s beloved Taco who is our farm pet and lead cow in our cattle educational programs. Taco has been instrumental in teaching the young steers the lay of the land and making sure they all get along well with the heifers and calves.

This year our herd started out at our small pasture in North Omaha. Your investment helped us supplement the cattle with an organic alfalfa/brome mixture of grass hay while we waited for the move to the larger natural pasture this August.

August 25th the cattle were successfully moved to natural pasture of over 30 acres complete with a spring fed stream. We are still supplementing each steer with the organic alfalfa/brome mixture (we LOVE the taste of the beef that is produced by the natural sugars in the alfalfa) but the cattle spend most of their day sampling the grasses and wildflowers throughout the pasture.                                               

DalesYour investment also allows us to supply families like the Dales with hormone free, natural meat for their family.  The Dales feel it is extremely important to teach their children where their food comes from and to help them develop a relationship with the farmers raising it. This summer their family came out and choose number seven as their very own beef. You are a part of helping to teach the next generation that the meat they eat has a life and should be cared for well from birth to table.

We are thankful that, minus the move, this summer’s cattle raising has been normal. We are looking forward to the fast approaching beef date of November 23rd.  Only a few beef are left to reserve and many families are excited to be purchasing their shares as Christmas gifts for friends and family.

As always you are welcome at any time to come to the farm and see first-hand how your investment is being used. Your return on investment will come in two payments this year.  In the next week you will receive a check with your financial profit. Then in December you will be able to arrange to pick up your share of your finished beef.

Thank you for being a valued part of our farm family.


Anthony & Mariel Barreras

Owners, Barreras Family Farm LLC

Anthony, Mariel2

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