405 feet of living space, the adventure begins!

Lots of exciting happenings this week!  If you have been following our Instagram or Facebook you know all about the cows escaping and turkey pullets drowning.

Other than that our family has been busy, busy, busy with packing in anticipation for TODAY!!

We just signed the papers on our new 70 acre farm in BLAIR, NE!!

One of the most common questions both Anthony and I receive is, “So, this is now your forever home?”  Well…we are too much Army and used to moving every 18-24 months so committing to “forever” is well…we just can’t.  We CAN however commit to being here as long as God has us.  Omaha, is not where we wanted to retire but where we were clearly told to stay.

Last week you read the story of how Anthony got orders to KS after my prayer specifically about continuing to farm or stopping.  On top of that there were even more doors opened and closed as we have moved through this process over the past two years.

Two years of house/land hunting in the Omaha/Blair area has been a lot of work.  We have gone two years without a garden in hopes of moving and have packed up our whole house twice in anticipation for moves we thought were going to happen.

In our hearts we wanted to move to Northern Idaho,  back to Alaska, or Colorado.  We LOVE national forests, being close to the Pacific Ocean, mountains, trout fishing in mountain streams, etc.  But…every time we started looking outside of Nebraska the doors were clearly closed in all the places we wanted to go.


In March of this year we lost a baby at 21 weeks of pregnancy.  I’m still not ready to tell that story, maybe someday soon.  We have miscarried twice before but those were so early on and this…we even got a print of his little footprint engraved on a necklace.  Even though God was with us the whole time (there is a huge story to this but I just can’t go into it now), fear crept in and I wanted to escape.  I wanted to run as far away from Nebraska as possible. Why couldn’t I just live in the mountains away from everyone? (I guess that was the heartbreak talking).

So again we started looking out of state as well as just forgetting about the answers to our previous prayers (fear is a horrible thing) .  We even started looking to close down the farm.

Both of us continued to pray about our future (Jeremiah 29:11) but we let our thoughts get in the way too much.  In hindsight we were not in faith the whole time, we kept getting distracted.  Thank God for his grace, forgiveness, and ample opportunities to grow.

In May we looked at this 70 acres and put in an offer.  Very low, because there was nothing on the property.  According to the listing there were no utilities and we didn’t know how were would be able to have the land and build a house.  The sellers told us “no” to our offer and we kept looking at other things.  At the end of May we felt that we should make an offer on the 70 acres again, our bank said that it was a horrible piece of property (since we were buying as a farm the land is not a high quality of farm land but I’ll do a post later this year to explain the differences, we certainly learned a lot during this process) and there was no way they would finance more so we sent a text message to our realtor with the same price we had offered before.

We never heard anything back so we just let it go and both of us forgot about it altogether.  In fact, we just let it ALL go.  The fear, the worry, the stress.  We remembered that God wanted us to farm here in Nebraska.  That was clear from our Kansas prayer.  So, we both agreed that God would have to give us whatever property He picked out for us because we were both tired of trying to find that land ourselves.

On Wednesday, June 6th, we were at church.  Yes, we have an AMAZING church that has services twice a week, Wednesday 7pm and Sunday 10am, and we always go to both.  It is wonderful to have a reset mid week instead of just on Sunday.  Our realtor called and sent a txt, “call me”.  This was odd, and I had to purposely focus on the rest of the church service.

After service that night our whole church family enjoyed a root beer float get together in the lobby area.  It was noisy with kids and parents laughing together so when I called her back and heard her say, “They accepted your offer”, I didn’t know if I had heard her correctly and I didn’t know what she was talking about.  LOL, it had been so many weeks since we sent her that text message offer for them to come back out of the blue was….well it just was.

Ever since that day it has been a purposeful whirlwind of events.  Finding out that the property has a usable well, electricity, and an address are HUGE things! Listing and selling our house in 5 days is also a HUGE thing! The buyers on our house have graciously agreed to give us an extra week to move all the animals and farm equipment, the sellers of the 70 acres have been wonderful with letting us on early to put up fencing in preparation for today.

And now!! Today we are moving!!

Since there isn’t a house on the property, and we don’t know how long it will be until we will be able to build a house (bank says 5-7 years, we are estimating 2 but…we are excited to just sit back and watch God move)…we will be camping in our travel trailer for the next undetermined about of time.

Here is a short clip of our “new house”.  We aren’t completely set up yet but this part of the adventure will make for some exciting posts.  As we share with you all about living with seven kids, two dogs, and two cats in 405 square feet.

Enjoy this will us!  Remember, God has a purpose for your life and He leads you through it.  You are never alone. Dare to Dream, and Dream BIG!

Ask your questions and I’ll make sure to do more videos and posts with answers.  Also, anyone who has lived “small” for a longer amount of time…I would LOVE to hear your ideas on organizing!


Love, Mariel

Anthony, Mariel2

4 thoughts on “405 feet of living space, the adventure begins!

  1. I can’t remember if you have any barns at your new farm. If you do maybe set up a space for your laundry, farm gear/clothing/boots, deep freezer.

    The year we lived in our shop we also used mostly disposable plates, cups & silverware. I know it’s a lot of waste but it was hard enough to deal with washing dishes from cooking in a small space. It helped keep my sanity.

  2. This is such a good post! I am loving watching your adventure! And soaking up your wisdom from you guys have gone through and are going through 🙂

  3. Have you watched the videos by Justin Rhodes. They converted a school bus into a camper and traveled the US for around a year… but maybe some of their organizational ideas would help? Their children are younger than yours… and only about half the amount, but it may be a thought… <3

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