Our Week in Photos, July 16th- July 22nd

A recap of the past week, in pictures.

Our last summer camp, Chickens and Bunnies, had an amazing group of kids.  We hiked, baked treats for the bunnies, picked berries, cuddled with ducklings, and learned all about eggs.


On Friday we also got to enjoy having grandmas and grandpas from Hickory Assisted Living out to the farm.  The kids in all the camp weeks drew them special pictures which we were able to share with them. It warmed my heart to see the campers talking and sharing their love for animals with these special friends.


Count Down!!

33 Days till we move  ðŸ˜Š

This week we met with a well guy.  The first well we found doesn’t work.  But after a little research and lots of walking around on the property we found a second well.  This one looks much  newer and we are excited to see if this one works.


We also met with an electrician to get information on fixing some of the many outdated wiring on the property.  We found live downed wires!  SOOOO thankful that angels are watching over us at all times.

It is also that time of year again to take our fall fecal tests and begin to prepare for the breeding season.  Twice a year we send fecal samples from all our critters into MidAmerica Ag Research Lab in Wisconsin. This helps us keep track of the health of our herd and know if we need to make any changes in our pasture management.

Until next week!

Blessings, Mariel

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