Our Week (or 2) on the Farm, July 1st- July 15th

A Recap of the past couple weeks, in pictures.

Oh my, where has time flown this summer.  I just got through filing our homeschool paper work with the state…at the VERY LAST MINUTE!  I can’t believe summer is just about over. 😢  Thankfully we have been blessed this year with a wonderful farm hand who was able to care for all the critters and give our family two weeks of vacation.  Mrs. Nicole and her whole family are amazing!

Here she is, milking in the over 100 degree weather.  We on the other hand were enjoying 62 degrees in the Rockies. ❤️

Our first stop was up to WI to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  They have a beautiful cottage on a lake where we get to enjoy lots of fishing, swimming, and boating.  The older boys favorite activity is always tubing.  And they are looking forward to taking their boaters safety next summer.  All of our kiddos are little fish, but Emily loves the water the most of all and enjoyed jumping from the boat and swimming.

Part of our vacation was talking with other farmers and gathering information on aspects we are considering growing into. (Going to be sharing more about our University class and a friends meat goat farm in Friday’s blog post!)  We also enjoyed talking with the owners of Merry’s Berries and finding out about the best way to start a U-Pick berry patch here in Blair, NE as part of our new farm.  Of course the kids favorite part wasn’t hearing all the details on plants per acre and yield rates.  No, their favorite was sampling the sweet Jewel berries while we picked over 50lbs!  I can’t wait to make JAM!!


After all the WI excitement we came home for a quick day and a half to fulfill customer orders and delivery’s to grocery stores and then take the piggies to the butcher.  If you didn’t see the video you can watch it here.  I am sooooo excited to get our bacon and pork roasts back!


Then it was off again for a quick trip trout fishing in the Rocky Mountains.  Colorado weather was BEAUTIFUL!!  Highs of 62 degrees and lows in the 40’s.  I think that is when the heat wave of “feels like 128” hit Omaha.  YUCK.



In order to keep the trip “quick” we opted not to take the travel trailer and instead hike and tent camp.  The second day was beautiful so we left all the windows open on our tent…then a storm rolled through….

So we spent the evening drying our sleeping bags over the fire. 😂  Yes, I am officially to old to camp in a tent, especially in the rain.

We did knock one trail off of our list during this trip.  Starting with the easiest since the littlest ones don’t do much hiking on their own.  Our goal is to hike every trail on the Steamboat Springs unit 14/15/16 maps.

It was a fast and furious two weeks but now it is back to business.  Super excited for this next week of Summer Farm Camps and the adult classes I start teaching this week through Metropolitan Community College.

Until next week!


Blessings, Mariel

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