Our Week on the Farm, May 20th -27th

A Recap of our Week May 20th- 27th, in pictures.

This week has been HOT, really HOT!  We found ourselves scrambling to put fans in the chicken coops as the chickens struggled to find any breeze.


Thankfully lots of wonderful kiddos came out to the farm to help spray the pigs with water.  We usually spray them down three times a day but with this heat we have been making it out a couple extra times just to make sure they get enough water to cool down. In addition to the water, mud is extremely necessary to help protect them from sunburn.


On top of all the farm chores Anthony and I participated in a panel for the North Central Extension Risk Management team.  Leaders in the North Central region, agricultural industry, are picked to help give guidance and assist in offering strategies to eliminate risk and increase effectiveness for all NE farms.

risk assesssment

It was really nice seeing Vicki, leader for Intertribal Agricultural Council, again. Our family is excited to plan a trip out to South Dakota to see her families bucking bronco ranch.  The interesting part of working with so many different farmers is hearing how similarly our struggles and challenges are..  Hopefully the information we were able to provide on behalf of all #womanfarmers #hispanicfarmers and #veteranfarmers in Nebraska will help foster more opportunities to work together.

veteran farm tour

A few days later Anthony and I were delighted to host a farm tour for over 40 beginning veteran farmers from all over Nebraska.  The #CenterforRuralAffairs put on this event which included tours of two other Nebraska family farms.  Our goal was to be “real”, even when “real” isn’t glamorous. And from the feedback received I think we did just that. Anthony and I hate debt so instead of taking out $20,000 loans+ we have been building up the barns and coop areas on a budget.  They aren’t magazine “pretty” but they work and I hope each person who came saw that there are different options to growing dreams.

Its not just farming around here but lots of kid activities too.  This weekend the boys participated in a homeschool track & field day in Council Bluffs, IA.  The temperature was intense but they each did a great job. Two moments warmed my heart the most.  The first was watching Garrett run the 800 and seeing how focused he was, giving his absolute all, 110%, through the finish line.  The other was watching Trevor run the 800.  He was the fastest of all the kids in his group, his seven year old legs moving so fast, but he started to slow about 3/4 of the way around the track. Suddenly Anthony (first time he has been able to attend one of these events) races across the field to encourage and run along side Trevor in the infield.  Trevor was so excited to see his dad running with him he found enough energy to give a bit more and finished strong! â¤ï¸

I hope each of you and your families are staying cool and enjoying the start of Summer Vacation! Don’t forget to share your stories from this week.  We love growing with you. ðŸ˜Š

Blessings, Mariel

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