Our Week on the Farm, May 13th-20th

A Recap of our Week May 13th-20th, in pictures.

WOW! This week has flown by!  First we were given a sweet little potbelly pig who we named Stella.  Her first outing was at Tractor Supply Company when Trevor and Garrett helped me showcase our farm for their Farmer Market Day.  It was so much fun meeting many new kiddos and being able to give away 4 free weeks of farm camp!!

The grass grew soooooooo fast, waiting for Anthony to get home and cut it wasn’t going to happen.  So my stylish little princess helped me…well, she did for about 10 minutes before the hum of the ZMaster put her to sleep. And yes, I FINALLY put the snow boots away. 😂

Even with the rain we enjoyed lots of new families out at the farm. And one little girl who has come back multiple times to bottle feed the baby goats.  Ms. Charlotte is a natural goat whisperer. ❤️ I’m so thankful for all the families sharing their pictures on our Facebook page.

With all the racing around and working with the boys Anthony finally got back from a mission and I was able to find some down time.  How did I spend it?  Laying in the grass, enjoying one of my favorite flowers (or weed) and listening to all the kids giggle and wrestle in the sprinkler.  It was perfect. ❤️

And then… it was off again starting another task and making yet another trip to Menards!  The chickens are very happy with their new windows.  Soon we will have new cover to protect them from owls as well as special roof vets to increase the amount of fresh air circulating in the coop.  More to come this week as we finish the projects.






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