Our Week on the Farm,April 29th-May 6th

A Recap of our Week April 29th-May 6th, in pictures.



The asparagus is prolific and we spent a full day putting in our new garden boxes. We are trying to be patient, holding off on planting, but waiting for our Garden Farmers Summer Camp is tough.  The kiddos in camp that week are going to have a blast learning about organic farming, planning out their gardens, and taking strawberry plants home to grow on their own.

The first group of families taking part in our Parent & Me classes arrived and did a wonderful job making homemade bunny treats. We sent the kiddos home with some of the extra treats so they can keep them in the freezer to bring back the next time they come.

With the extremely drawn out winter we had this year, we are almost a month behind on our cleaning projects.  Thankful for beautiful weather and being able to get the whole chicken coop cleaned and sanitized. The chickens were not very happy having us in their space most of the day but they are definitely enjoying it now.

While Emily and I cleaned the coop the boys worked on sharpening all the blades on the lawn mowers, changing spark plugs, and other spring mechanical maintenance. And at the end of all the work!, they got to enjoy mowing the yard. Are your boys just as excited to do yard work?! Now I just need to teach one of them how to use the trimmer.  🙂

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