Our Week on the Farm, April 22-29th

A Recap of our Week April 22nd-29th, in pictures.

tours begin

Spring is finally here!  And with it has begun our tour season.  This is one of our families favorite things about farming, sharing what we have learned with others. It is wonderful being able to meet different families from the area and see the excitement our animals bring to kids and adults alike.

The piggies continue to grow and enjoyed some fun rolling in the mud while the chickens have been enjoying wondering further and further away from the coop in search of bugs and new dusting areas.

We are wrapping up our school week with reading about Corrie Ten Boom and WWII. Garrett is moving along in his multiplication tables and Emily…well, she just enjoys tagging along for all the fun.

With spring comes many new farm projects.  This week we worked on cross fencing the pasture in preparation for the new cows that will be coming soon.  Anthony and the boys strung a 1/4 mile of barb wire and put up two 12 foot gates. Emily, Pickles and I enjoyed riding in daddy’s truck and the little boys and I played in the pasture with the cows.  This has been a beautiful week!

trevor and taco


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