Where is Winter?

Well, winter has been a tease and therefore created more work in an ever-changing need to adapt to the needs of the farm. This unusually warm winter is making the deep litter method not necessary.  Of course I didn’t know it was going play tricks on us when the digits were dropping below the 20’s. So, diligently we prepped the coop and now…. it is a hot, ammonia mess. So back to work to clean out the coop!

Here is why; ammonia is a gas that results during the chemical decomposition of uric acid in the chickens droppings. As shared in a previous post it is not just necessary to have good ventilation but also temperature control. This warm winter is causing havoc which if not managed correctly could lead to damage to my chickapoos mucous membranes and respiratory system.  Here is a great link to anyone wanting more info, WorldPoultry.

Thankfully I have lots of little hands to help with the task.  And another upside is that what we did start processing in the coop turned quickly into a beautiful nutrient rich compost. Now just watch…winter will decide to come after all. 🙂


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