Fall Chicks are Chirping

The baby chicks have arrived!  For anyone who has never raised Cornish Cross meat birds before let me just share how amazingly fast they grow!  They are only 4 days old but already as big as a standard egg laying chick is at 1 1/2 weeks.

IMG_4913 IMG_4910

The littles are enjoying an extra set of chores and I’m thankful that the farm has so many buckets.  Always in need of a bucket to stand on or…to take feed out of!


The older boys have been working hard to build a chicken tractor. A chicken tractor will allow the birds to free range in the pasture but remain safe from hawks and coyotes. The tractor is made to be moved throughout the day so that they are always feeding in a fresh area of the pasture.  Food and water are always provided.  A solid roof provides shelter from the elements and chicken wire walls provide good air flow.

IMG_4806 IMG_4814

As always what I have in mind and what gets build are totally different but I am blessed that the end product is never just a slapped together piece of junk.  Not only will birds be protected but my pasture won’t look like garbage.


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